Auchindoun is a chance to revisit the instance first shown to us in the Burning Crusade expansion.  With the Warlords of Draenor expansion it has been brought back as a level 94-99 leveling instance found in the zone of Talador.  Auchindoun is a holy place for the Draenei people where they bury their dead, however the Shadow Council has invaded it and seeks to plunder it for Gul’dan.

Being a leveling dungeon it is full of upgrades for players the first time they visit this dungeon.  The items found here are rare item level 570 items.  Once you have made your way to level 100, Auchindoun can be re-visited in either heroic or challenge modes for even better gear.

There are four different encounters in this dungeon, they are: Vigilant Kaathar, Soulbinder Kaathar, Azzakel, and Teron’gor.

Vigilant Kaathar

This encounter is a fairly straight forward fight with three main mechanics that you need to worry about in order to defeat it.  The first is called Hallowed Ground, which is an AOE ground effect that players must move out of before it activates and deals an even larger explosion AOE effect. 

The second of the mechanics is another AOE effect called Sanctified Strike that leaves a crack on the ground that causes holy damage to anyone that remains on it.  Simply move off of it quickly.

The last mechanic is the Consecrated Light ability that Kaathar with channel that deals heavy damage to everyone in the group.   The only way to avoid the damage from this ability is to move out of line of sight behind the Holy Shield that will also appear.  However it is important that everyone move at once behind the shield or it will cause issues.

Soulbinder Nyami

This fight is a single phase fight that has a lot of damage abilities going on that need to be interrupted, several AOE effects, and a lot of adds to deal with. Starting with the adds, players need to prioritize and deal with them quickly while also dealing with their abilities.  The adds have a few abilities that cause a lot of issues, but can be interrupted.  These are the Arbiter’s Hammer and the Magus’s Arcane Bolt abilities.  Any player that can stop these abilities from going off should do their best to do so.  Soulbinder Nyami also has an ability that can be stopped called Mind Spike, that deals heavy single target damage.

While there are a few AOE abilities in play in this fight, the main one is Soulbinder Nyami’s Soul Vessel ability.  It is a channeled AOE effect that fills much of the fight area, however unlike most AOE effects you are not supposed to escape it, instead to not suffer damage you need to get to the center of it.  This means all players need to head to the eye of the storm and then split up again once the ability has ended.

If you are able to keep the adds controlled and killed quickly, avoid most of the AOE damage, and focus on the boss in between killing adds, the fight is pretty simple.


The third fight in Auchindoun is against Azzakel and is an alternating two phase fight.  The first phase of the fight is against Azzakel and is all about dealing as much damage as you can to him.  In this phase he uses two main abilities called Fel Lash and Curtain of Flame.  Fel Lash will only hit the tank, but deals heavy damage, puts a debuff on that causes the tank to take even more damage for the next 6 seconds, and pushes the tank away.  The tank needs to make sure that they are lined up so that they are pushed back into a wall and not off the platform.

The other ability, Curtain of Flame, targets random players and deals heavy damage to that player for 9 seconds.  It also deals damage to anyone around the targeted player, so players should make sure they are spread out so that they do not also take the damage.

The second phase of the fight is all about adds.  Azzakel will become immune to damage during this phase and summon adds that need to be dealt with. There will Blazing Tricksters, Felguards, and Cackling Pyromaniacs.  The tank needs to pick up the Felguards as soon as they spawn, and once again make sure that you are faced so that you are not knocked back off the platform when they do their Fel Stomp.  DPS players need to deal with the Pyromaniacs as their first priority and make sure they interrupt their Felblast ability whenever they can.  While doing this avoid the Tricksters and their Fel Pools until the other two types of adds are dead.

Once the adds are defeated, the fight will revert to the first phase.  These two phases will alternate until you have defeated Azzakel.


The final boss fight in Auchindoun is against the mighty demon Teron’gor.  The fight is basically a two phase fight where it starts our simple, and then once Teron’gor is lowered down to 75% health he will gain several new abilities. 

During the first part of the encounter Teron’gor has many basic warlock abilities including: Corruption, Drain Life, Rain of Fire, and Shadow Bolt.  During this first phase players need to avoid or interrupt the AOE Rain of Fire and Drain life abilities.  Players also need to dispel corruption when they can.

Once the second phase is reached players will need to adapt to a completely different set of abilities, however he can gain one of three different sets of abilities.  Players can tell which abilities he will gain based on his emote as the phase starts as follows:

  • Affliction – Teron’gor emotes “Elum… Lifetime of healing. Now, you shall fuel disease and decay!”  and he gains the following abilities: Agony, Curse of Exhaustion, Seed of Malevolence, and keeps Drain Life and Shadow Bolt.
  • Demonology – Teron’gor emotes “Iruun, you battled demons in life… In death your power will feed them!” and he gains the following abilities: Chaos Wave, Curse of Exhaustion, Demonic Leap, Doom, Touch of Chaos, and keeps Corruption.
  • Destruction – Teron’gor emotes “Joraa, paragon of order… I shall twist your soul to power destruction!” and he gains the following abilities: Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate, Immolate, and Incinerate, and keeps Rain of Fire.

How players need to deal with Teron’gor in the second phase of the fight depend on which set of abilities he gains. In all forms a lost of the fight has to deal with minimizing incoming damage from AOE effects, cleansing off DOT effects, and interrupting any time it is possible.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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