To head into the next portion of the legendary quest line players will need to have their character at level 100 and have completed the first portion and second portion of the quest chain. If you haven't completed these portions of the quest check out how the guides to help you do so here:

Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Quest Guide: Part 1

Warlords of Draenor Legendary Ring Quest Guide: Part 2

If you have finished the quest line up until this point...continue reading. At this point players will no longer be heading into heroic dungeons, they will be moving up to the big leagues; raid instances. Things are about to get real.

Spellbound Solium Ring (ilvl 690)

This part of the quest line takes players into the Highmaul raid instance to complete two quests:

Empire's Fall

This quest requires you to obtain the Felbreaker's Tome and the Sigil of the Sorcerer King. The Tome is looted from Ko'ragh, while the Sigil drops from Imperator Mar'gok. These items can be obtained from any difficulty version of these bosses.

Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings

On top of collecting the items mentioned above, players will also be asked to collect 125 Abrogator Stones. There are currently three ways to get these stones:

  • Collected from any Highmaul raid boss on any difficulty.
  • Garrison Work Orders (low chance).
  • Garrison Missions – He Keeps it Where?, It's Rigged, Lost in the Weeds, Rock the Boat, and Tower of Terror.

Even with three ways to get these stones, this quest is going to take a few weeks to complete. When you finally do get it done, you are sent back to Khadgar in the quest; The Scrying Game. After you track down Garona in the quest; Hunter: Hunted. Finally in the quest; Touch of the Kirin-Tor, Khadgar will upgrade your ring. This version of the ring is distinctive from previous versions because it has a proc that increases your primary stat by 10% for 10 seconds.

Spellbound Runic Ring (ilvl 710)

To obtain the next version of the ring, players will have to trek into the Blackrock Foundry. Here they will be asked to complete four initial quests inside this instance:

Flamebender's Heart

This quest requires players to collect Flamebender's Tome from Flambender Ka'graz.

Heart of the Fury

Defeat the Blast Furnace encounter to collect the Heart of the Fury.

Reverse Piracy

Collect the Draenic Thaumaturgical Orb from the Dread-Grotto that directly related to the Iron Maidens encounter.

Might of the Elemental Lords

This quest asks you to assemble 3 Elemental Tablets by fusing together 300 Elemental Runes. Just like the quest to collect Abrogator Runes, players will have several options to collect these items:

  • Garrison Missions: A Rune with a View, Pumping Iron, Beyond the Pale, Everyone Dies, Rocks Fall, The Great Train Robbery, and The Pits.
  • Collect Runes from bosses inside the Blackrock Foundry on any difficulty.
  • Garrison Work Orders (low chance).

After completing these quests you will be given one final quest inside Blackrock Foundry:

Blackhand's Secret

This quest takes you back inside the Foundry where you will need to kill Blackhand and collect Blackhand's Severed Arm.

Turning in this final quest will upgrade your ring. The proc that appeared during the last upgrade will also be increased. It will now increase your stats by 15% for 10 seconds.

Keep checking back for the next portion of this guide!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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