If you are reading this guide, you are probably ready to complete your Legendary Ring. In order to make it to this point, you need to have completed the quest chain up until this point. Haven't completed it or not sure? Find details about the previous portions of this quest in our other handy guides:

Assuming you are up to this point in the quest line, it is time to move on to the final portion of the Legendary Ring quest. Read onward to find out how you will bring it all to a close:

Legendary Follower: Garona

After turning in Blackhand's Arm a new quest; Prisoner of the Mind, will appear. This quest requires you to speak with Khadgar and protect him while he casts a spell on Garona that will hopefully help you to free her mind from Gul'dan's control. After the initial spell is cast you will need to complete two other quests inside the Den of Secrets in Shadowmoon Valley. Located at 55,15, the entrance to this mysterious place can be found on the coast, just northwest of Elodor.

The Shadow War

Locate the Den of Secrets and retrieve an Orb of Domination from the Den of Secrets. To find the Orb, go inside and stay to the left. The Orb needed for this quest can be found in front of a warlock standing in the water in the very back of the cave.

Prisoner of the Mind

Defeat 15 Shadow Council members inside the Den of Secrets.

After completing both of these quests you will need to return to Khadgar. Turning in these two quests will open up a new quest; Breaking Badness. At this point Khadgar will try to wrest control of Garona's mind from Gul'dan. With his success, Garona dedicates herself to helping assist with Gul'dan's downfall and the quest line continues:

To Gul'dan!

With Garona at your side, speak with Archmage Khadgar outside of Bladefury's Command. Bladefury's Command can be found in Northern Talador.

An Inside Job

In this quest, Garona will help you to infiltrate Bladefury's Command. Garona will use her special talents to give you Sneaking with Garona, a buff that grants you stealth for the duration of the quest. Once stealthed, you will need to locate Iron Horde Intelligence and spy on Gul'dan.

My Garona

At the completion of an Inside Job, Garona will offer up this quest. It is here that she will join your cause as your first Legendary Follower.

The Final Assault

With Garona at your side, it is time to return to your Garrison and prepare for the final assault. Speak to your faction leader to start the quest to build a shipyard. Check out our handy Guide to the Shipyard for more information on this new Garrison building. After the Shipyard has been built, Khadgar will appear to advise you further.

Patch 6.2

Once you have unlocked Tanaan Jungle, Khadgar will appear inside your Garrison's Shipyard. You may now turn in The Final Assault quest to the Archmage. From here Khadgar will offer up the next quests in this chain:

Command the Seas

This quest will take a bit of work as it requires you to upgrade your Shipyard to Level 2. To upgrade you will need to complete the quest Upgrading the Fleet. This quest requires you to complete 15 Naval Missions. After all 15 are complete, you will be rewarded with your Level 2 Shipyard.

We Don't Need No Library Card

In this quest you will need to venture into the imposing Hellfire Citadel to retrieve 33 Tomes of Choas. These Tomes drop as loot from bosses on any raid difficulty (LFR, Normal, Heroic, or Mythic), however, they do not have a 100% drop rate. To make things even more difficult, unlike past items, Tomes of Choas cannot be acquired from inside your Garrison. Killing bosses inside the Citadel is the only way to get these items.

What comes next is unclear. A blog entry from Nethaera says:

Once you've collected the tomes, it's time to start Cooking the Books—or at least it would be if Cordana would cooperate and burn them as she should. Sometimes, if you want to get something done though, you've got to do it yourself. You'll have to fight Cordana to stop her from keeping the books and taking your precious, precious ring.

Once Cordana is defeated, Alliance characters will meet with Yrel to receive K'ara's blessing, and Horde characters will meet with Drek'thar to receive a blessing of the elements. You'll also receive your shiny new Legendary ring. You're going to need it if you're going to take on Hellfire Citadel.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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