Warlords of Draenor is certainly shaking things up in the game world. Almost nothing in the game is being left untouched, in-game professions included. The skill cap will be increased to 700, new recipes are incoming, and some other major changes will be implemented that might leave players reeling. With the impending release of Warlords just on the horizon, you may be scrambling to understand. To get you up to date as quickly as possible continue on to read an overview of the changes coming to professions in Warlords of Draenor.

General Profession Changes

  • Draenor-quality recipes can be created at skill level 1.
  • Garrison buildings allow players to craft recipes even if they are not trained in that particular profession.
  • No combat perks are tied to professions, making them less compulsory.
  • Only 3 Draenor-quailty crafted pieces can be worn by your character at any given time, however, they can be upgraded multiple times.
  • Healthstones and Healing potions share a cool down.
  • Movement speed enchants now increase speed by 10%
  • Garrison buildings will help enhance your professions.
  • Realm First profession achievements have been removed.
  • Anything can be gathered in Draenor, regardless of skill level and crafting professions have many “catch up” recipes that will speed along the leveling process.
  • Crafting can be completed directly from your bank.


  • Two new flasks are incoming: Draenor Flasks providing +200 to a primary stat at level 100, and Greater Draenor Flasks providing +250 to a primary stat at level 100.
  • New potions boost your primary stat or armor by 1000 for 25 seconds at level 100.
  • Draenic Philosopher's Stone replaces the Zen Alchemist Stone.
  • New Garrison Building: Alchemy Lab.
  • Followers inside the Garrison Alchemy Lab give daily quests.


  • New keystones: Arakkoa Cipher, Draenor Clan Orator Cane, and Ogre Missive.
  • New solves added: Draenor Clans Archaeology Fragment, Orgre Archaeology Fragment, and Arakkoa Archaeology Fragment.
  • Draenor Archaeologist's Lodestone will teleport your character to a random active digsite in Draenor, while Draenor Archaeologist's Map randomizes the digsite. Both require Arakkoa Outcast reputation.
  • Chance for solves to be Pristine has been increased in Warlords of Draenor.


  • New epic ilvl 640 plate set added: Truesteel
  • Garrison Building: Forge.
  • Special pet only for Blacksmiths: Soul of the Forge.


  • Tons of new recipes and ingredients.
  • Players now learn “Recipe Ideas” when cooking or tasting a recipe from Draenor.
  • Servings of food increases with your skill level.
  • Weaker food requires less reagents than the more potent variety.
  • Cooking-based pet: Lil' Leftovers.


  • Brand new materials: Luminous Shard, Draenic Dust, and Temporal Crystal.
  • Garrison Building: Enchanter's Study.
  • Weapon enchants can be changed by to resemble other weapon enchants using the Enchanter's Study Level 2.
  • Make your character sparkle with Enchanted Dust.
  • Current enchants cannot be used on any item higher than level 600.


  • Garrison Building: Engineering Works.
  • Tons of new toys added for Engineering fun.
  • New goggles, guns, scopes, and ranged weapons for your crafting pleasure.
  • Pets, pets, and more pets; Sky-Bo, Mechanical Axebeak, and Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar all become available in Warlords.
  • Walter, the world's laziest waiter and butler, can be obtained by assigning a follower to your level 2 Engineering Works Level 3. Walter may or may not grant you access to your bank.
  • Blingtron 4000's mean older brother, Blingtron 5000, will be available. Not only does he give out presents, but he also will fight other Blingtrons to the death.


  • Fish now come in various sizes.
  • Bigger fish can be caught with higher skill levels.
  • Bait increases your chance of catching a particular type of fish.
  • New items added in Warlords will increases your fishing skill for a limited time.
  • Garrison building: Fishing Shack.
  • Nat Pagle can be recruited to your Garrison, offering up cool items for sale and rewards for special fish.


  • New herbs in Draenor: Talador Orchid, Nagrand Arrowbloom, Starflower, Fireweed, Frostweed, and Chameleon Lotus.
  • Herbs in Draenor can be picked without a required skill level.
  • Herbs gathered while picking is determined by your skill level.
  • Garrison Building: Herb Garden.
  • New Herbalism pet: Nightshade Sproutling.


  • New Inscription materials: Warbinder's Ink, Ink of the Clans, and War Paints.
  • Old research methods have been removed. Glyphs can now be discovered from non-research spells like Research: Warbinger's Ink.
  • New Darkmoon card: Darkmoon Card of Draenor.
  • To streamline the leveling process, many glyphs are learned at levels 25, 50, 60, and 75.
  • Some glyphs cannot be used with another glyph of the same category, while others require a specific specialization.
  • Garrison building: Scribe's Quarters.


  • Garrison building: Gem Boutique.
  • New ores cannot be prospected, instead materials for gems come from work orders issued in the Garrison.
  • Toys galore: Prismatic Focusing Lens creates a beam of light and Reflecting Prism lets your character swap appearances for a short time.
  • Sockets are rare in Warlords, there is only a small chance they will appear on an item.
  • No new meta gems, socket bonuses, or gems with primary stats.
  • Jewelcrafters can now craft rare-quaility necklaces and rings, as well as a few epics.
  • All epic-quality jewelcrafting items come with random stats.
  • Taladite Recrystalizer allows you to reroll secondary stats on a Jewelcrafting item.


  • Tons of new Leatheringworking recipes available.
  • Garrison Building: The Tannery.
  • Introducing the first Leatherworking mount; the Dustmane Direwolf.
  • New materials: Raw Beast Hide, Burnished Leather, and Raw Beast Hide Scraps.
  • Epic Leatherworking items have random stats.
  • Secondary properties of these items can be rerolled with the Leather Refurbishing Kit.
  • New bags and epic capes are available for creation.


  • Two new types of ore are available: True Iron Ore and Blackrock Ore.
  • The Peon's Mining Pick allows for speedy mining in Draenor.
  • Mineral nodes can now be mined without a required skill level.
  • The amount of ore you get while harvesting is determined by your current skill level.
  • Garrison building: Lunarfall Excavation.
  • Brand new Mining pet: Ore Eater.


  • Players may skin beasts in Draenor regardless of skill.
  • The amount of skins obtained, however, will be based on the player's current skill.
  • Fragments are a new item that allow skinners to obtain old-world Leatherworking materials.
  • Garrison Building: The Tannery
  • New materials: Raw Beast Hide Scraps, Raw Beast Hide, Stitched Starglazed Leather, and Burnished Leather.


  • Many new Tailoring patterns available.
  • New materials: Hexweave Cloth and Sumptuous Fur.
  • Sumptuous Fur comes from beasts instead of Humanoids.
  • 30 Slot Tailor-made bag: Hexweave Bag.
  • Cuddle up with the Elekk Plushie, the new Tailoring pet.
  • Time to retire that old carpet, the Creeping Carpet is the brand new Warlords version of this mount.
  • All epic Tailor-made items come with randomized stats.
  • Secondary properties on these items can be changed with the Hexweave Embroidery.
  • You no longer need to be in Silken Fields to create Imperial Silk.
  • Garrison Building: Tailoring Emporium.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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