Following on from our Warrior class guide, in this DPS build guide we’ll provide you with all the information you need to load out your Warrior and maximise your damage. In its current form the Warrior is unquestionably the most potent class in WildStar. With the Engineer as the nearst competition in terms of damage, followed by Spellslinger, the Warrior is currently in high demand across all areas of the game. It isn't uncommon to see a well geared Warrior two-shot opposing players. Their combination of leaps, knockdowns, grapples and tethers - simply put - makes them a pain in the backside. 

Full Interactive Warrior DPS Build


Relentless Strikes

This is your bread and butter skill that costs no Kinetic Energy and can be spammed repeatedly. At Tier 8 it has a chance to reduce a variety of skills cooldowns meaning you should use it as often as humanly possible. 


Rampage is your go-to DPS skill that allows you to swing multiple times at an enemy. It's best to be used while your opponent is grappled or knockdowned so you can successfully hit them with all swings.


Smackdown is a "free" skill that requires no Kinetic Energy and is only used to reduce your opponents resistances by 10%. You should use it as often as you're able. 

Breaching Strikes

You can only use Breaching Strikes after you've critically hit an opponent. What's great about Breaching Strikes is that it pierces armor, hits 2 targets and at Tier 4 has a 30% chance not to trigger a cooldown. 

Bum Rush

This skill (when facing against it) drives me insane. It rushes the Warrior forward and reduces the damage they take by 30%. It's brilliant for escaping and closing the gap.


Kick is your go-to skill when you want to spike an opponent. It knocks down up to 5 foes and prevents any action (exception dash) while also breaking an Interupt Armor. Use it with Rampage.


Grapple allows the Warrior to pull a target towards them while rooting them for 1.2 seconds. Not only that but it also destroys an Interupt Armor. It's brilliant for stoping players from escaping or for pulling them towards you in order to keep them in place. Grapple also has a wide telegraph so it's pretty hard to miss with.

Power Link

If Warrior didn't hit hard enough already, Power Link increases yours and 4 party members damage by 18%. At Tier 4 it gains an additional 2.5% damage increase, taking the total to 20.5%.


The Tier selection on the DPS Warrior is a little void of any real fun as it's primarily just about increasing your damage numbers as opposed to obtaining additional utility. You simply take your two most commonly used skills (Relentless Strikes and Rampage) and take them to Tier 8 for maximum damage output. The remaining points I simply put in Smackdown because it offers a further chance of reducing Breaching Strikes cooldown.



Unlike most classes, as a Warrior you'll pick up quite a lot of the Tier 2 Assault AMPs. They're all amazing AMPs that massively increase your damage. Detonate alone can hit for over 8,000 damage at level 50 (a huge amount!) while Bloodlust and Power Hitter just allow you to get stronger and stronger in a short window as you critically hit opponents.



  • Critical Hit Severity III - Increases Critical Hit Severity by 12% (total)
  • Assault Power III - Increases Assault Power by 7.5% (total)
  • Critical Hit Chance III - Increases Critical Hit Chance by 6% 
  • Radiate - When you reach maximum Kinetic Energy you deal 21% Technology damage to all foes within 8 meters
  • Detonate - Overdrive deals 300% Technology damage to 5 foes within 8 meters
  • Power Hitter - Landing a Critical Hit grants an Empower, increasing Critical Hit Severity by 7.5% (Stacks 3 times)
  • Bloodlust - Landing a Critical Hit against a foe below 15% health deals an additional 120% Physical Damage
  • Kinetic Fury - While above 500 Kinetic Energy gain Empower, increasing damage dealt by 7.2%. While above 750 Kinetic Energy increases damage dealt by 9%

Hybrid A/S

  • Strikethrough III - Increases Strikethrough Chance by 3% (total)


  • Cooldowns III - Increases Cooldown Reduction by 15% (total)
  • Kinetic Drive - Build 45 Kinetic Energy every 0.25 seconds while Sprinting in combat
  • Speed Burst - Drashing grants swiftness for for 6 seconds. Increases movement speed by 10% and stacks 3 times. 
  • Power Link - Unlocks the Power Link ability

Hybrid A/U

  • Armor Pierce II - Increases Armor Pierce by 4%


It's actually pretty simple to kill anyone (or anything) quickly as a Warrior. All you need to remember is that for your highest spikes you'll need the Kinetic Energy before unleashing it. The best way of disposing of your opponents quickly is to utilise your CC skills to keep them in place before unleashing all your DPS skills. 

  1. Use Power Link to increase your damage output.
  2. Use Bum Rush to quickly reach your target.
  3. Use Smackdown when you arrive on your opponent to apply Expose.
  4. Use Relentless Strikes as often as humanly possible in order to build Kinetic Energy.
  5. Upon first arrive at your opponent utilise Kick to knock them down. 
  6. If they attempt to escape, use Grapple to hold them in place.
  7. When your opponent is snared, rooted or knocked down you should hit them quickly with Rampage.
  8. If Breaching Strikes becomes available (likely when your opponened is suffering from a crowd control skill) ensure you use it!
  9. Continue to rotate between Bum Rush, Grapple and Kick in order to keep your foe next to you at all times while continuing to cycle through your DPS skills. 


The main variables I would suggest with this build would be to remove Smackdown and replace it with Tether Bolt. It's without question one of the most annoying skills in the game as it keeps a player in place until they kill the Tether (which has plenty of health!). It's yet another crowd control skill to stop players or enemies escaping you. Lastly, adjust your AMP points by removing the Radiate AMP and your points from Strikethrough III and instead place them into Armor Pierce III and Festering Blade. Without question, Feserting Blade, in a PvP environment, is one of the biggest annoyances in the entire game to fight against. It's a permanent snare on your opponent that stacks 3 times, which basically means they'll never get away from you. Even if they do (Spellslinger Void Slip is the main one) you have so many skills to close the gap and keep them in place that you'll be able to destroy them the moment they re-appear. 

Alternative Warrior DPS Build Guide

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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