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Warrior Talent Guide

The Warrior class has many choices as to what to be within the game. You can be a tank, being heavy in the protection tree and earning the respect and admiration of your teammates in PvE instances, yet fail to do well fighting on your own (relatively), or you can be a DPS class, dealing out high damage over small periods of time with many talents aimed at decimating opponents and interfering with their healing or movement!

This guide is so that you, the warrior, decides what's best for him and sees what others think of the talents you're able to get - afterall, knowing is half the battle!

The following tables are formatted by tier and tell what each Talent does in simple terms along with when and if it is useful. Bolded “Highly Recommended” tags mean talents that are generally staples of every build while “Not Recommended” tags are for Talents are generally a waste of points.

This guide works in two different ways. For newer players it is suggested that you read this guide in its entirety or at least to where you are in the game. Experienced players can reference this guide for specific skills by using the table of contents below.

This guide is currently a work in progress, keep watching for updates.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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