by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

There is nothing that feels safer than being surrounded by dozens of infantry within a cavernous mountain base. Eventually you'll have to leave the comforts of Tabula Rasa's Fort Defiance and make your way to other areas of Valverde Plateau for experience. One of your first trips will be to the eastern area of the zone to a small AFS fort called Wedge Rock Outpost.

Wedge Rock Outpost is a defensive position situated as the name would indicate on a large rock overseeing a hostile area. All approaches are protected by elevation and heavy artillery not to mention the full compliment of AFS soldiers just inside. This is not a control point so there is no danger of being attacked and you'll find a medic, vendor, and teleport pad for your convienience. The purpose of your visit here will be a series of missions we're going to walk you through.

Cryptic Messages - This mission begins with Comm Officer Devinchy near 361, 360 who wants you to just get him one of the Bane portable decryption devices which they would obviously have on any soldier. He'll send you to the upper part of the base to talk to Officer McKinely who will traingulate a position of one for you.

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Combat Near the Wedge Rock Outpost

McKinley will send you out to find a named Bane called Preceptor Vorvaak who patrols with a few friends near the Eloh bridge around -126, 224. Kill him for your decryption device. Return to base for your reward of 4800 credits and your choice of a Voltrox Bio Armor Helmet, Voltrox Mech Armor Gloves, Audiodyne Gravitron Armor Vest, or Audiodyne Reflective Armor Helmet.

Photo Ops - This mission begins with Outpost Commander Russ inside a tent in the upper area of the camp. He wants you to get survelliance data from 5 different security systems in Desolation Quarry. Oh does this sound much easier than it really is...

You are going to head to the Quarry to the southeast and start on the outside rim. You'll see a little Sentry flying around designated with a number. These sentries patrol various places in the quarry but more importantly when they take fire, they spawn an entire squad of Bane infantry who come after you. Once you have located and killed all five, return to base and find Science Officer clark who will offer you 4800 credits and your choice of a ChiTech Filament Blade, Vitalius Incendiary Shotgun, Vextronics Cryogen Injector Gun or Vextronics Electric Staff.

The Results are In - This mission begins with Science Officer Clark who is in the upper camp and requires the completion of Photo Ops. Immediately after completing your last mission, Clark would like you to take the results to Agent Perdu at Fort Defiance. Perdu is right outside the base gates and will reward you with 3200 credits and your choice of Cryogenic Grenades, Standard MedPacks, Incendiary Grenades, or Advanced MedPacks.

Lookout Down Below - This mission also begins with Commander Russ who wants you to make a FedEx run to a Field Sergeant Carde in Valverde Chasm. Head towards the chasm and you should find him standing near a teleporter around -102, 185. He'll give you 3100 credits and your choice of a Class VI EMP Bomb, Cryogenic Grenades, Class VI Standard Medpacks, or Incendiary Grenades.

Bomb Voyage - This mission also begins with Outpost Commander Russ. He wants you to sabotage some containers in Desolation Quarry which works out just wonderfully with Photo Ops since you'll be there anyway. Simply make your way to the center of the crater where you'll see a number of crates. Place a detonator on all and you are done.

Return to Russ for your reward of 4800 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Laser Torqueshell Rifle, ChiTech Exothermic Polarity Gun, Vextronics Flamethrower, or Vextronics Cryogenic Injector Gun.

All Along the Watchtowers - This mission begins with Colonel Thibodeau in Wedge Rock Outpost. The Colonel needs to manually reboot some systems at 3 different watchtowers which are strangely unoccupied. The first is at 398, 84, the second at 248, 270 and the final 178, 133. You might run into a few Bane patrols (at least one with a named) but beyond that this is a milk run. Each of the terminals is in the upper level of tower by the way. Return to the Colonel for 4800 credits and your choice of an Animatronics Cryogenic Disperser, Vitalius Chaingun, Shinobi Laser Pistol, or Pulsar Electric Netgun.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016