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Westfall, at one time, was a rich farm land full of prosperous farms. Now it sits nearly abandoned, its farms nothing more then dry land and the Stormwind Guard had but abandoned this land. If not for the militia, this land would no longer be considered Human territory, but belonging to the dastardly Defias Brotherhood.

That’s where you come in. This land faces several threats and requires the attention of a brave adventurer such as yourself to help turn the tides of battle against those who wish to conquer this land for their evil plots. Shew, long sentence, but noble work requires noble sentences! Basically there are three things in this land that don’t belong (outside of the random critters). There is the Defias Brotherhood who controls both mines and has launched mechanical contraptions on the farms to scare off the farmers. Then there are the lesser of the evils, the Gnolls and the Murlocs who hold to the coastal areas mostly.

The Furlbrow's!

With a little luck and a vigorous fighting spirit, you can help remove these vile enemies from your noble homeland (or your ally’s homeland if you are a Dwarf, Gnome, or Night Elf). Not that, you know, they will actually leave once you’ve taken out a bunch of their numbers, but hey after beating on them for long enough you have better places to be!

Useful Information

Explanation of Level 10-20 Zones

For the Alliance there are three different level 10-20 zones (zones that follow directly past the newbie zone). There is Westfall, Loch Modan, and Darkshore each providing quests between the levels 10 and 20. The thing is though – the zones themselves will not take you to level 20 by themselves through quests. You’ll need to travel between at least two of them a few times and complete all of the quests (then supplementing quests in Redridge at level 15 and Duskwood and Ashenvale at level 18). So there are some VERY important guides here at Ten Ton Hammer that you will need to take a look at to understand some things.

  1. Ten Ton Hammer’s Travel Guide
    You will need to travel a lot and this guide can get you moving. If you need help getting from Westfall to Loch Modan then this guide can help you.
  2. Ten Ton Hammer’s Where to Adventure Guide
    Need to know where to go next? This guide can help tell you.

To note, if at any time any of the quests are too difficult to do, then there are a few options. As a note, it’s always a good idea to start a zone at least one or two levels before its minimum, that way you are always levelled ahead of the quests and can breeze through them. At later levels this may not be an option for some classes, but at the lower levels it’s quite easy.

If you are level 10-12 and are having trouble:

If you are a Dwarf/Gnome then you can visit Elwynn Forest and do some of the higher level quests to work out another level and try again. If you are a Human then you can check out Dun Morogh and do some of the higher level quests and try some more. Check out our Ten Ton Hammer Quest Database for more information on the higher level quests you can complete. You can, by combining the various “newbie” zones hit level 12 and be at an advantage in Westfall, Loch Modan, and Darkshore.

If you are above level 12 and are having trouble:


It’s time to switch zones. Use our handy Ten Ton Hammer’s Travel Guide and zoom up to Loch Modan. Do the quests there until they are too difficult to complete and head back to Westfall (with a level or two under your belt). If you are a Night Elf, or a good traveller then you can visit Darkshore for some more quests, but many feel the travel time (and it’s difficulty, especially if you don’t have to do it) is a bigger annoyance then grinding away a level on nearby enemies.

Overall it’s really key to keep moving to where there are easy to complete quests. Although, in Westfall’s case it’s easy to go from ten and a half to level fourteen in a few hours through grinding quests.

Getting Ready for the Adventure

You need to be well prepared now before you head out. While the newbie zones went easy on you, these new zones will… well go easy on you. They just go less easy on you with more aggressive enemies that have better skills and are slightly tougher. So you should be well prepared to head out! The first thing you may want to do is read up on some of our guides. Having a proper understanding of World of Warcraft’s framework is key to efficient levelling!

Here are some prime Ten Ton Hammer Guides useful to your adventures in Westfall

  • Ten Ton Hammer's Bag Guide
    You will probably start running out of inventory soon and this guide gives a good background on how to manage your characters inventory and nab some good deals on bags early on.
  • Must Know WoW Tips
    Hey, tips are always great. Some things that many of the high level players know through experience and take for granted are unknown to those not as seasoned as them.
  • Etiquette Guide
    You will need to start grouping up with other players for some quests and being polite can really help, well worth a check out!
  • Ten Ton Hammer's Quest Database
    Have a quest you are stuck on? Want an gold-ad free database (that's also quite speedy)? Then head over to our quest database!
  • Be sure to check out our neato class guides (look to your left, no no up a little there you go) for information on the class you have picked.

Outside of some good ol’ book smarts, you will need to have a few basic things ready for your adventures:

  • You will need food and water (if you aren’t a Warrior or Rogue) to keep downtime to a minimum. While you can’t afford the higher level stuff now, you can at least stock up on some of the level 1 or level 5 refreshments. They greatly help with the downtime by keeping your refreshed out of battle! Don’t spend too much money though; you’ll need to buy skills soon.
  • You will need a good map of the area to help find your way. Scroll down to find the map we’ve created with all of the major areas marked on it! You may want to visit our gallery (just click the map) and print it out for easier reference.
  • You may need potions so it may be a good idea to stock up on some. The apothecary in Stormwind restocks some potions every now and then and you can probably find some potions on the Auction House. Then again you may not be able to afford them… yet. To find out more about potions, why not search the top MMORPG sites for info on potions or check out our handy dandy Alchemy guide here at Ten Ton Hammer .

Before you start your adventures, you’ll also NEED to be about level ten. You can start lower, but ask yourself this question: Why do harder quests for near the same XP as the easier ones in the newbie zone? There are plenty of enough quests in the newbie zone to get you into level ten.

Westfall Guide - Introduction
Westfall Guide - Map
Westfall Guide - Quest Guide

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our World of Warcraft Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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