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Outland Zones

Nagrand - Contested

Nagrand is a huge plains zone with several special features in it, including giant ravines, soaring cliffs along the edges and a giant crystal in the south. Nagrand is an Orc word for "Land of Winds" and it seems fitting for the wind swept plains look that makes up most of the zone. The zone houses several towns and settlements that need to be explored, including the central neutral settlement of Halaa, which we will talk about later. The zone is for players level 64-67.

The Nagrand zone is absolutely full of quests, it is very easy to spend 2 whole levels there and not complete them all. One of my favorite sets of quests in the zone is the new "Hunting" quests, which are given to you by the same NPC as in Stranglethorne Vale. They make for some interesting quests and keep you busy for quite a while. Horde and Alliance both have single flight points in the zone at their respective cities Telaar (Alliance) and Galadar (Horde). A complete list of quests in Nagrand can be found in our database here: TenTonHammer Quest Database Results for Nagrand along with our Map of Nagrand.

The zone contains a very unique world PvP feature which is the neutral city of Halaa, which is located in the center of the zone. Halaa is neutral only in the fact that it can switch sides between both factions and does not really care. To capture it your faction must kill all the guards and then hold it for a certain time. You then gain control and new guards and can access the vendors there, which include the arena vendor.

There are no instances in the Zone.

For Miners you are able to lots of ore in the zone around the mountainous edges, that include: fel iron ore and adamantite. For players collecting herbs, you can find the Blindweed, Dreaming Glory and Felweed throughout the zone. This is also one of the best zones for leatherworkers as there are MANY different beasts in the zone, it is a great place to find Knothide and Clefthoof leather.

Blade's Edge Mountains - Contested

The Blades Edge Mountains are an imposing looking zone, full of razor sharp rock formations. While there are some plateaus full of lush vegetation most of the zone is made up of deep ravines edged by the dagger like rock spires that define the zone. Many of the areas have dragon's impaled on the formations. The predominant MOB type in the zone are Ogres. The zone is meant for players level 65-68.

The zone houses 2 towns per faction that both have flight points. For Horde they are Thunderlord Stronghold and Mok'Nathal Village, while the Alliance has Sylvanaar and Toshey's Station. There is also a neutral city called Evergrove that has a flight point that both factions can use.

Again this zone is teeming with quests, however initially it may not seem like it. Many of the quests are chains, or only open up one pre-requisite quests have been completed. A complete list of quests can be found in our database here: TenTonHammer Quest Database Results for Blade's Edge Mountains along with our Map of the Blade's Edge Mountains .

The zone does not contain a world PvP objective, but does house the Circle of Blood arena. The zone also does not contain any group instances, it does however contain one raid instance, Gruul's Lair.


Mana Tombs - Contested


The Mana Tombs themselves are a wing for players level 64-66 that mainly house energy mummy type creatures called ethereals. Outside the Mana Tombs you will find more of these creatures, but they are an opposing faction called the Consortium. The Consortium is an organization of ethereal traders, smugglers or thieves (depending who you ask), that would like you to enter the tombs and gain them access to it, since the other ethereals have set up a blocking field to them of some sort. In doing so you can start building reputation with the consortium to gain access to some very nice rewards.

You can find all the quests in our WoW Database here, and a complete walk through guide here: TenTonHammer's Guide to The Mana Tombs .

Auchenai Crypts - Contested

The Avatar of Maladaar

The Auchenai Crypts are a wing of the the Auchindoun instance that is meant for players level 65-67. Many of the quests are available right outside the instance, however you must do a quest chain that will allow you to see the ghosts that are walking the area before gaining access to some of them. Even if you have not done the preliminary quest the instance is still worth doing for all of the loot from the bosses. The instance is full of Draenei, humanoids and undead Draenei.

After just the two bosses you are done. The instance is very quick to move through and stays very fast paces and interesting with all the wandering MOBs. It can be challenging at points if not everyone is on their A game, or up to the proper level.

You can find all the quests in our WoW Database here, and a complete walk through guide here: TenTonHammer's Guide to Auchenai Crypts .

The Caverns of Time: Thrall's Escape from Durnholde Keep - Contested

The Epoch Hunter

The Caverns of Time are an entirely new type of instance in the World of Warcraft. In them it's not so much where you are going but when! You get to travel back in time to key moments in the history of WoW to view and participate in the events that took place. While normally Nozdormu did not allow humans and other lesser races into the caverns of time, lately a force called the Infinite Dragonflight has made its way in and is attempting to corrupt the timeline. Nozdormu and the Bronze Dragonflight now have little choice but to recruit would be helpers in their cause.

The instance is insanely fun, having just enough challenge, and not being too long. It should take an average group about 60 minutes to finish the whole instance.

You can find all the quests in our WoW Database here, and a complete walk through guide here: TenTonHammer's Guide to The Caverns of Time: Thrall's Escape from Durnholde Keep .

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