Our Where to adventure guide nears completion today with all the "leveling" 68-70 content being added in. We cover the last two zones in the Outlands and all the instances on your way to level 70. This amounts to a ton of content for you to explore. The only thing left to add to the guide is the level 70 only content (instances and raids), and that will be up in a few days, so check back soon!

Netherstorm is absolutely full of quests, and between it and Shadowmoon Valley it is very easy to finish leveling from 68 - 70 without ever entering an instance if you do not want to. Many of the quests are chains and only appear after prerequisites have been completed, so don't give up if there does not appear to be many at any given time. Horde and Alliance both have access to 3 flight points in the zone. One each at the various neutral cities: Area 52, The Stormspire and Cosmowrench. A complete list of quests in Nagrand can be found in our database here: TenTonHammer Quest Database Results for Netherstorm along with our Map of Netherstorm.

You can read all about the areas to explore in our: Where to Adventure Guide - Levels 68 - 70.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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