One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in WildStar, outside of a Raid encounter, is obtaining 32,000 Dominion Reputation in order to progress your Attunement. Most people when they’ve reached level 50 will have anywhere from 15,000 to 17,000 Reputation (depending on how much PvE you’ve done) so there’s a long way to go before you can even begin to start your Attunement.

Firstly, Reputation is earned by undertaking activities in a specific location. For example, if you quest in Blighthaven you’ll earn Blighthaven Reputation. Where Faction Reputation is concerned (Exile or Dominion) it’s primarily earned through Dungeons, Adventures, Quests or Dailies.

Where questing is concerned, its Reputation return, post 50, is actually quite small. Going back to old zones and doing quests below your level provides very little and it’s often incredibly time consuming. Although most completionists will do this anyway, it’s not particularly time efficient. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of the best ways to maximise your Reputation quickly.

Adventures - Veteran War of the Wilds and Crime Lords

All Veteran Adventures provide around 450 Faction Reputation upon completion, irrespective of whether you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Rating. The reason why people choose War of the Wilds and/or Crime Lords is because they can both be complete in under ten minutes. With the right group and damage output, it’s incredibly easy to steamroll through both of these Adventures. At 450 Faction Reputation every 10 minutes (most PUG groups are even capable of this) it’s a huge amount. Although it’s incredibly repetitive, there’s very little in the game that can compete against the speed versus Faction Reputation return.

My personal favourite is War of the Wilds and that’s simply because the Adventure is fun, it’s super easy and achieving Gold rewards isn’t particularly difficult. You just kill everything as quickly as possible, capture the Moodie totems and then work your way to the final boss. If you haven’t died, it’s pretty much nailed on that you’ll achieve Gold which is a healthy boost to your loot as well as the 450 Reputation. The quickest run I’ve done is 7 minutes and we repeated that process for around 2 hours: 3150 Reputation in total.

Dailies - Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes

Both of these daily zones, accessible from teleporters in Thayd or Illium, have around 10-15 quests each. The amount of Reputation each quest provides ranges from 75 to 112. Across both zones, you’re looking at a little over 2,000 Faction Reputation per day. In a group dailies can take as little as forty minutes to complete both zones and about 1 hour, 30 minutes if you’re by yourself. On a PvP server things can take a little longer due to player disruption (especially if a Stalker decides to stab you in the back mid quest) but for the most part, completing both areas is relatively painless. As repetitive as it is to do the same quests on both islands every day, it’s absolutely essential if you want to maximise your Faction Reputation quickly.

Quest Sweeping

When you hit level 50 it’s highly likely you’ll have missed some zones entirely or haven’t yet fully explored all the zones you’ve visited. Returning to these zones and combing them for quests is a viable way of earning Faction Reputation but unfortunately not every quest provides it. It’s a bit of a mixed bag at times so if you’re a completionist it’s well worth doing, especially if you’ve done your dailies and are waiting for Adventure groups.

Veteran Dungeons

I’m going to caveat this method of obtaining Faction Reputation on the basis that Veteran Dungeons are bloody hard. Unless you’ve a skilled group who have completed them quickly, it’s just not worth pursuing. The loot might be good, but the time you’ll spend (around 30 minutes as a minimum) doesn’t translate to a huge amount of Faction Reputation. If you’re desperate to do something different, other than Adventures and Dailies, Veteran Dungeons really should be your last resort.

So What’s My Best Choice?

All I’d stress with Faction Reputation farming is that it isn’t instantaneous. Unless you spend all day grinding away at Adventures, even 10,000 Faction Reputation is going to take a while. The most pain free approach I found was to simply do my dailies in Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes, while queueing for War of the Wilds. It’ll take a couple of hours in total (no more than 2 if you hurry) but I tended to squeeze in around 6 runs of War of the Wilds by the time I’d finished all my dailies. At around 5,000 Reputation it only takes a few days to max out your Faction Reputation, allowing you to crack on with the rest of the Attunement quest line.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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