Once you have been poking around Wizard 101 and getting used to the combat and how everything works. You will move through the Shopping District into Olde Town where you will come across an interesting fellow named Prospector Zeke. He is going to give you a quest called ‘Finding The Smiths.’ This is a tricky little quest that sends you all over Wizard City.

Let me begin by saying that it took me a while to realize that the Smith’s are TINY little men stuck in random little corners or behind trees. The first time I saw one, I didn’t realize that it was a Smith and part of a quest! I think I ran past him ten times before I got it!

If you look in your quest log, you will notice that the Smith quest toggles between all the different Smith’s and what areas they are in. There are nine Smith’s to find and we are going to tell you where to find each one. This is a spoiler so make sure you absolutely want to know! If you don’t….then read no more!

Unicorn Way- As you step out of the Hedge Maze and back into Unicorn way look to your right in the corner just before the street begins.

Mini fairgrounds- He is behind at tree just to the left of the blue tent with the big sun and moon on it.

Golem court- When you enter Golem Court go to the right side of Golem Tower and he is behind a tree.

Ravenwood- Go behind the School of Myth and he is standing near the bench in the corner.

Shopping district- As soon as you enter the Shopping District make a right turn at the first street, you will see two buildings with blue awnings. Go between the two buildings and the smith is standing next to the tree in the back.

Triton Avenue- Make your way back until you cross the bridge over the waterfalls. As soon as you cross go to your left and he is standing under the cliff in the corner.

FireCat Alley- (subscription only area) Make your way to Fireglobe theater. The Smith is standing outside just to the right if you are looking at the theater.

Cyclops Lane (subscription only area) Make your way until you are in Festival Park. You will see Nolan Stormgate standing on a platform. Go behind the platform and there is a tree near the wall. You will find the Smith standing there.

Colossus Boulevard (subscription only area) This is the final place you will gain access to and the last Smith is here. Follow the map all the way back to Heldreth Perch and the smith is standing near a statue.

**Just as a side note, if you are not a subscribing member, there will be Smith’s in areas that you will not have access to, so you will not be able to complete the quest entirely. We have listed the ones above that are subscription only. But…it is fun to find those little guys!

Good Luck and happy hunting! Keep an eye out for lots more Guides and interviews to come!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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