Kart style racing comes with World of Warcraft's Patch 6.1 and here is how to get in it to win it. Being the ultimate top WoW racer takes skill, determination, and somewhat okay memorization skills to know where the buffs and debuffs are on the track. As of right now, it's just a mini-game so you can't race against others, technically, but you can easily just all start at the starting line together and see who returns first! 

The race comes in three components. The not real race (tutorial), the real race, and the real big race. The first race type is a tutorial and a one time quest, in which you race to the first goal post and then return. The real race and the real big race are started from quests given near the starting line. This gives you the chance to learn the mechanics before committing to the actual game.

Obstacles / Buffs 

To begin to race, you must first know of the obstacles in your path: 

  • Sprint Boots - Provides a speed buff (175) and allows water walking. 
  • Flags - Provides a minor speed buff. 
  • Springs - Rockets you in the air in the direction you were going. 
  • Electric Bars/Wires - Reduces movement speed severely for a few seconds. 
  • Goal Posts - The aim of the game, big colored posts not to be confused with the flags.

You are given one ability, jump to flag, which lets you (when close enough to a flag) jump towards it, often over anything in your path. Combining that with the buffs while avoiding the electric traps are critical to scoring high. Throughout the race there are arrows pointing in the direction you need to go. For the quest, you ONLY need to reach the goal posts, the flags are there as speed boosts / direction helpers.


They are based on the amount of tolls needed to reach the end. There is two sets, one for the real race and one for the real big race, but they share the same names with (big) in front of the achievements for the big race. 

Real Big Race (20 Toll Achievements) 

Complete the Real Big Race within 20 tolls to receive: 

  • Big Powermonger: Gold - Darkmoon Cannon 
  • Big Rocketeer: Gold - Battle Pet "Race MiniZep" 
  • Big Wanderluster: Gold - Darkmoon Gazer (Eye of Kilrogg like item) 
  • Big Race Roadhog: Gold - Checkered Flag Consumable (Increases mount speed by 30% for 10 minutes) 

Complete the Real Race within 11 tolls to receive: 

  • Powermonger: Gold - Gaze of the Darkmoon toy (put a Darkmoon Faire logo over someone) 
  • Rocketeer: Gold - Everlasting Darkmoon Firework toy (lets you shoot off a firework every 3 minutes) 
  • Wanderluster: Gold - Attraction Sign toy (puts a blinking arrow on the ground every 5 minutes) 
  • Darkmoon Racer Roadhog - Fire-Eater's Vial (lets you breath fire every 10 seconds). 

Darkmoon Race Enthusiast is awarded after finishing your first race. 


The bell begins to toll at the start of the race. The best rewards are granted if you finish the race within 11 tolls (the Real Race) or 20 tolls (the Real Big Race). The toll counter is at the top. 

Tutorial - Welcome to the Darkmoon Races 

There is a brief tutorial to run to the first goal post, you can see how to complete it in this video. 

The Real Race 

Here is how to complete the Real Race, including the path that you'll want to follow. The video was done within 15 tolls. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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