Looking for quest help in World of Warcraft? Let our quest help guide show you the easiest way to complete your quests in WoW.

Questing in World of Warcraft is a difficult and challenging feat for some and for others the preferred way of leveling.  Questing’s difficulty in WoW can vary depending on which quest, but it’s pretty easy to differentiate between the hard ones and the easy ones, but even hard is subjective because most quests are easy especially if you follow the tips outlined below.

Looking for some World of Warcraft quest help? This is the place for you.

Identifying the Different Quests in World of Warcraft

There are several different types of quests in WoW and most of them can be lumped together into one category or another.  Below is the list of comment categories followed by a general description of how to get past each one.

  • Delivery / Traveling Quests: This quests ask you to go to an NPC and delivery an item or component. They are often added into kill quests where you’ll need to kill a certain amount of enemies or gather a certain amount of materials and find an NPC. They’re the easiest types of quests to complete.
  • Kill Quests: These quests have you head out and kill a certain number of targets before returning to the NPC and collecting your reward.
  • Collection / Gather Quests: These are often kill tasks without a specific number of enemies to kill. You’ll need to either farm certain enemies or find the materials on the ground.
  • Escort Quests: These quests give you an NPC or object to defend for a period of time.
  • Unique / Vehicle Quests: Everything else.

Stuck on a quest, the quest log text is the best place to go.

Difficult High Level Quests

There are some quests at higher levels that are difficult to complete or require a coordinated group. For these types of quests the best thing to do is to make sure your group is prepared. Check out PlayerScore in order to check your group out before you invite them see if they’re win or fail and to make sure you’re not inviting a tank with no weapon and his birthday suit on.

Delivery / Traveling Quests

These are the easiest because all you need to do is walk from point A to point B. Using your in-game map and the built in quest tracker you should be able to achieve these quests in little to no time.

[protip]Sometimes you’ll find that the NPC isn’t where you suspect. This is when it’s time to read the quest text to see if they’re in a cave, on a hill, or somewhere you wouldn’t normally suspect them to be.[/protip]

Kill Quests

Kill quests send you into the fray of battle in order to kill enemies and at the end (after you’ve disposed of a certain number of enemies) you’re given a reward (XP and usually gear). These quests are basically you’re bread and butter because they have you move out into the world and give you incentive to grind.

Some players, historically, found grinding to be an easier method of leveling than quests, but what many people forget is that kill quests are aimed at giving you grind experience plus a reward. So if you’re sent to kill 30 buffalo you’ll get 30 buffalos worth of XP plus a lump sum from the quest.

There isn’t any trick to kill quests, although grouping can make them go by a lot faster.

Collection / Gather Quests

These are harder to do sometimes and come in two varieties. The first is you’ll need to grind enemies for a drop, after you get enough drops (from one to about 50 depending on the quest) you’ll turn it in for your reward. These quests are sort of unique in the sense that grouping can be counterproductive to your goals. If the item drops for the group then the group will have to grind over and over for each person which can be frustrating.

If the item drops for everyone and it has a high drop rate then you’ll be able to group through these quests rather easily. From my experience leveling in Cataclysm is that a lot of the Cataclysm type quests (for lowbies and highbies) work very well in groups, while the older areas suffer greatly from the “hey let’s break the group and grind these out” syndrome.

The other is gathering quests, where you’ll need to gather a certain amount of items up off the ground or reach some bizarre quest objective to turn your quest in.  The first part just involves killing the enemies around the nodes and gathering until your heart’s content. The second part can get tricky, especially if you need to walk through an entire open world dungeon to talk to a single NPC or visit some kind of arcane totem. However, you have a friend on your side and that’s death. If you’re finding that there is a lot of enemies between you and your goal you can easily just fling into everything, go as far as you can, then die. Run back as a ghost and resurrect right next to your objective.

Escort Quests

These come on two flavors (a pretty common theme). You’ll either walk an NPC to a certain objective (road/town/sign/etc.) and they’ll be attacked by scripted groups of enemies at certain intervals. Others is more of a “defend an objective” type goal that has you sitting in still defending an object or person for a set amount of time or a certain amount of waves of enemies.

These are very challenging since you fail when the NPC dies (or often if you die). This means you’ll have to restart from the beginning which is frustrating and annoying on many counts. So the best thing to do is just come prepared. Keep potions on hand, start the quest at full health, and group up (even for the solo ones). If you’re doing it as a group make sure everyone in the group is ready for the quest to start. They’ll get a prompt to start it and if their quest log is full then the group will need to redo  it for them.

Other Quests / Vehicle Quests

There are all kinds of other quests out there and I’m going to give you the biggest pro tip out there on how to complete them: read the quest text. More often than not I’ve heard people whine and cry about how difficult a quest is when the quest text itself explains EVERYTHING. So be sure to take a look at the quest log.

As for vehicle quests, here is another pro tip: they’re all jokes. Anything with a vehicle is mostly just free experience. Hop in, drive somewhere, mash buttons until everything is dead, then profit. Oh sure the Argent Tournament was slightly difficult, but honestly once you got the hang of it then it wasn’t hard anymore.

That’s all we have on quests today. Do you have a favorite quest in the game? Why not talk about it below in our comments section!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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