Addon packages are a popular option for those players that are looking
to save time and energy while still creating an awesome U.I. But are
these addon packages all they are cracked up to be or will they simply
wreck havoc on your U.I.? Join Mem as he answers these questions and
more as he reviews a raiding addon package compiled by AxnJackson11.

Since I’ve done quite a bit of raiding in my day and because
my own personally designed U.I. was created for the sole purpose of
raiding, I decided to go with a raiding addon pack for my review so I
definitely had something to compare it to. I ventured to (my
preferred download spot for all mods) and brought up the section
specifically for addon packages. I was instantly amazed at the number
of addon packages out there and sifted through them until I finally
decided to go with the package with the most downloads, I mean that had
to count for something right?

Read the full review in: WoW: href=""
target="_blank">Addon Raiding Package Review

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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