Goblins (at least some of them) have joined the Horde and have even
gone so far as to take up temporary residence in post-Cataclysm
Orgrimmar. The Goblin race has been around since WoW’s
beginnings, and is a huge part of life on Azeroth. However
it’s common to find that, despite their ongoing
presence,  players know little to nothing about the Goblin
race. So to fill in your knowledge, style="float: right; width: 151px; height: 300px;" alt=""
prepare you to embrace the
newest addition to the Horde, we present to you everything you need to
know about the Goblin race.


Goblins are a smallish race close to the size of Gnomes except much
more wiry looking. Goblins can come in various shades of green and have
an array of hair colors including white, red, blue, and brown. Goblins
are most definable by their large pointed ears, and long spindly arms
ending in long dexterous fingers which prove to be excellent tools for
counting money.

Racial Abilities

  • Best Deals Anywhere -
    Receive the best possible gold discount regardless of reputation.
  • Better Living Through
    - Alchemy skill is increased by 15.
  • Rocket Barrage
    - Launches the Goblin’s belt rockets at an enemy
    causing fire damage.
  • Rocket Jump - Activates
    rocket belt to jump forward.
  • Time is Money - Provides a
    1% increase to attack and casting speed.


In an attempt to maximize their trade Goblins have not only perfected
their own Goblin tongue, but also speak fluent Orcish.


Goblins are able to choose form eight class choices including: Warrior,
Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Death Knight, Shaman, Mage, and Warlock.
Seemingly befitting the race Goblins cannot choose to be Druids or


Players upon creating their Goblin will be able to customize their
brand new character in the
same manner as any other race. Players will be able to change the skin
color, facial features, hair style, and hair color of their Goblin to
suit their fancy. Male Goblins also have a fifth option; facial hair
customization, however this fifth option remains blank for females.
Perhaps a jewelry or other such option will be added in the near
future. Only time will tell.


style="margin: 10px; float: right; width: 200px;">
href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/87005" target="_blank"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/87005" alt=""
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 197px;">

An example of what the Goblin
mounts may look like.

How does a Goblin get around? In a
Goblin made Hot Rod Go-Kart of course! However if you're not feeling the
Goblin racial mount, you’ll be please to learn that Goblins
can also purchase and ride any of the other currently available Horde
mounts such as Kodos, Raptors, and Wolves.


The histories show that Goblins are native to the island of Kezan,
where they were brutally enslaved to the Trolls who also inhabited the
island. The Goblins were forced to work the Troll mines and in the
process discovered the very valuable mineral; kaja’mite.
While the Trolls recognized the basic value in the mineral, the Goblins
felt that the mineral may have more properties than the Trolls could
ever imagine.

The Goblins began to forge items from the kaja’mite, however
a strange thing happened. As the Goblins were exposed to the strange
mineral, they began to gain an uncanny intelligence. From here the
Goblins rose up and overthrew their Troll overlords and became the
uncontested owners of Kezan. The newly intelligent Goblins found they
had a love for technology and pursued this interest above all else,
creating inventions that the world had never imagined.

As we all know, all things must come to an end. The kaja’mite
finally ran out and many Goblins set out into the world determined to
find any remaining kaja’mite. Sadly enough the Goblins were
unsuccessful, and without the precious kaja’mite the Goblin
society regressed and began to produce the crude and often
unpredictable machines we know so well today. With the loss of their
precious kaja’mite and with sales of their inventions rapidly
dropping Goblins instead turned to commerce, which sparked the
beginnings of the Trade Fleets which set sail from Kezan and into the
wide world beyond.

style="float: right; width: 204px; height: 285px;" alt=""
the first and second wars the Goblin race set themselves up to
do what they do best; make gold by expanding their trade. An ambassador
from the Horde apparently saw promise in the Goblin inventions despite
their previous failures and went forth to one of the many Trade
Prince’s and asked the Goblins to provide their inventions
and technology in exchange for gold. As such, this single Trade Prince
became an exclusive partner with the Horde despite the disapproval of
the other Goblins. Eventually though the alliance fell apart and the
Trade Prince left the Horde, and to this day Goblins have remained
relatively neutral, deciding that it was far more profitable to play
both sides of the coin.

Joining the Horde

After an unfortunate sporting accident of sorts, which awakened the
volcano on the Goblin’s home island of Kezan, a panic began
with Goblins desperately trying to get off the island before the
volcano erupted. One of the craftier Trade Prince’s saw this
as a perfect opportunity to make some extra gold and offered Goblins a
place on his ship; for a price. Not only did the Trade Prince demand
each Goblin on board’s life savings but as they handed it
over informed them that they were now slaves for life.

The Trade Prince’s plan would have gone off without
a hitch, until the ship (and the plan) were sunk after getting in the
crossfire of a Horde and Alliance battle.  The survivors came
ashore on the Lost Isles just off the coast of Kalimdor. It was here
that the Goblins realized their enemy in the Alliance and after much
deliberation and thought have tossed their lot in with the Horde. While
it may seem unlikely that the Goblins would ever join forces with the
Horde again, it appears that a common enemy can bring almost anyone

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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