Ninja. Shard. Repeat.

Our World of Warcraft Enchanting Guide has been updated with some new information about disenchanting and how best to turn a profit from it. This detailed guide gives you all the information you need to ensure you can make good money while making sure you don't get ripped off!

"You can make a lot of money with disenchanting. The process is very simple. You buy various green items off the Auction House, disenchant them, and then resell the reagents obtained for a profit back on the Auction House. This is usually done in a loop where you invest a lot of your money into this, disenchant a ton of items, and then relist them for very noticeable and very high profits."

Fill your coffers with enchanting profits after a quick stop at Ten Ton Hammer's WoW site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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