Sons of Hodir are a faction released in Wrath of the Lich
King.  They’re a race of Ice Giants led by King
Jokkum.  The Sons of Hodir offer the best shoulder enchants in
the game to date, excluding the Inscription only enchants. 
The purpose of this guide is to show you what you must accomplish to
earn your Sons of Hodir shoulder enchants.  The first level of
the enchants are earned at Honored, the second is at Exalted.  

I will start off by showing the quest chain that leads to Neutral with
Sons of Hodir, which will allow you to enter Dun Niffelem. 
The quest chain starts in K3, located in southern Storm
Peaks.  This quest chain might seem long, but for the most
part they’re just short traveling or “listen to my
story” quests.  The purpose of listing this chain is
so you can see where you are in the chain so you can know what to

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They Took Our Men! Leave No Goblin Behind style="background-color: rgb(45, 121, 191);">The
Crone's Bargain Mildred the Cruel style="background-color: rgb(45, 121, 191);">Discipline Examples to be Made A Certain Prisoner A Change of Scenery Is That Your Goblin? The Hyldsmeet Taking on All Challengers You'll Need a Bear Going Bearback Cold Hearted Deemed Worthy Making a Harness The Last of Her Kind The Slithering Darkness The Warm-Up Into the Pit Prepare for Glory Lok'lira's Parting Gift The Drakkensryd Sibling Rivalry

Now that you’ve completed that chain, you’re now
Neutral with Sons of Hodir.  Being Neutral allows you to enter
Dun Niffelem and begin your daily quests.  The screenshots
next to the quest explainations are the quest givers.

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Hodir’s Horn

quest becomes available at Neutral.  It's
a once a day quest that rewards 250 reputation with Sons of Hodir.
 The objective of Blowing Hodir's Horn is to head northeast of
Dun Niffelem to Thunderfall, which is the Frozen battlefield due to
Thorim's ridiculous temper.  Once there, you must kill
Restless Frostborn Ghosts and Restless Frostborn Warriors.
 After each kill stand over the corpse and blow Hodir's Horn.
 Do this five times to each mob and you are done!
 Estimated time- 5-8 minutes.

style="float: right; width: 350px; height: 213px;"
style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Hot
and Cold

This quest becomes available at Neutral.  It's a once a day
quest that
rewards 250 reputation with Sons of Hodir.  The objective of
Hot and Cold is to gather Essence of Ice from Brittle Revenants at
Frostfield lake just east of Dun Niffelem.  After you've
gathered 5 Essence of Ice head south to Fjorn's Anvil, once there get
near the Smolder Scraps scattered on the ground and use the Essence of
Ice to freeze them.  When they're frozen, pick them up and
head back to Dun Niffelem to recieve your rep.  Estimated
8-10 minutes.

style="float: left; width: 150px; height: 141px;"
style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Polishing
the Helm

This quest becomes available at
Friendly.  It's a once a day
quest that
rewards 250 reputation with Sons of
Hodir.  The objective of
Polishing the Helm is to go west of Dun
Niffelem into the valley, then
go into the cave in the mountain to the north.  When you're
there kill the Slimes to recieve your 5 Viscous Oil.
 Estimated time- 4-6 minutes.

style="float: right; width: 130px; height: 178px;"
style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Spy

This quest becomes available at Honored.  It's a once a day
quest that
rewards 350 reputation with Sons of Hodir.  The objective of
 Spy Hunter is to make your way west of Dun Niffelem until you
reach the Corpse of the Fallen Worg.  Use the Ethereal Worg's
Fang within 15 yards of the corpse.  Then follow the Worg that
spawns til it finds a spy, kill the spy, rinse and repeat.
 Estimated time- 5-7 minutes.

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style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Thrusting
Hodir’s Spear

This quest becomes available at Honored.  It's a once a day
quest that
rewards 500 reputation with Sons of Hodir.  The
objective of Thrusting Hodir's Spear is to take the spear recieved from
accepting the quest, venture west of Dun Niffelem and use the spear
while targeting a drake flying above.  When that is complete
you will be pulled on top of the drake and begin fighting it.
 Use the abilities given once mounted on the drake to
eventually thrust the spear down its throut.  Estimated time-
3-5 minutes.

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style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Feeding

This quest becomes available at Revered.
 It's a once a day
quest that
rewards 350 reputation with Sons of
Hodir.  The objective of
Feeding Arngrim is to go west of Dun
Niffelem and use Arngrim's Tooth
on the Roaming Jormungar in the area.  Once they're
disembodied kill them down and a Arngrim Giant will come eat the worm
when it becomes weakened.

style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Repeatable

style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Hodir’s

Is worth 250 reputation.  The quest is to turn in 10 Relics of
Ulduar to the Sons of Hodir quartermaster.

style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Everfrost-
Is worth 350 reputation.  The quest is starts from an item
called Everfrost Chip.  You can find Everfrost Chips scattered
around the area surrounding Dun Niffelem.

Obviously you could go to the Auction House and purchase a ton of
Relics of
Ulduar and buy your way to exalted.  It’s also
obvious that’s not the smart way to do it.  So, use
your thinker and do your dailies.  It’ll take you 27
days of doing each daily to reach exalted.  Keep in mind
that’s not including all the Relics of Ulduar and Everfrost
Chips that you’ll be turning in.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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