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Rogues have an innate advantage over every other class (except for
Unholy Presence death knights)  in that our global cooldown
is only one second.  So we have a lot more opportunity to
buttons.. and we have a thousand buttons to press.  A lot of
involve target switching, stealth, and situational strikes--all things
that will detract from the time we are stabbing or punching the hell
out what's in front of us.  The solution is macros. 
Macros can make
your life a lot easier and reduce the amount of time you spend
frantically clicking and waiting for that situational attack to come

one macro every rogue should have

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/cast Tricks of the Trade

/assist This macro will
immediately target your tank and attempt to cast Tricks
of the Trade, and then assist to his target immediately.  This
be used every time it's up with very few exceptions.  On
bosses and
enemies that love to reset their hate levels, this is the single
biggest hate generation move in the game for backing up the
tank.  You
can spare the 5 energy.

A Risky Variation

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Tricks of the Trade
If someone in the melee
group is slacking, use this macro midfight
They're probably so low on the hate meters (Are you using
Omen?)  that
you can transfer all of your hate to them with no problem. 
The big
thing is giving them the 15% damage boost.  Giving a tank that
squeaks 2,000 DPS in a fight a 15% boost isn't the same as the slacker
with three or four thousand.

For Glorious Grinding

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Sinister Strike, Riposte
impossible to make a macro that
automatically changes your sinister strike to a Riposte
button.  This
will change your sinister strike button to a 50% chance of casting
Riposte.  If you're still grinding your rogue through the
early levels
as combat, by all means don't leave home without this. 
Although to be
honest, it's just one extra button... but you'll run out of action bar
space in a hurry as you level!  There's no foul in mashing
this button
since enemies will die before you use a finishing move typically while
you grind.

just stand there!

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Sinister Strike
Sinister Strike
a macro for those hordes of small fry you might come across in
dungeons and while leveling.  Normally when your target dies,
change targets but not automatically start your attack until you hit a
special attack or otherwise initiate auto-attacks.  Now when
you're out
of energy after a kill, you can immediately open up on the next before
you recover the 40 energy for the next Sinister Strike.  It
may only
get you an extra second of auto attacks, but every second counts in the
long run when your offense is primarily weapon damage and poisons!

Health in a Hurry

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/use [target=yourname]
Heavy Frostweave
Bandage Helps you keep focus on
your target so you don't lose track of what
your next combo move or builder should be.  Save your healers
stress and hit this when there are times you can't stab
people.  After
all, you can't top the damage charts when you're a corpse.

in mind that the scripting language is evolving and may be edited
with major and minor patches.  These macros are foolproof and
always work, but the deeper you get into the world of macros, the more
your creation will be destroyed with a patch down the lines. 
careful with how much you rely on macros.  Just like add-ons,
they are a part of the game that might not always be there for you and
if you are a lost puppy without your rogue macros and add-ons,
you've spoiled yourself!  So use them to enhance your rotation
and response times, and not replace your rotation and ability to target
enemies in a pinch.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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