Man, your feet are killing you. You’ve spent the better part of a week walking up and down that long, winding road in Stranglethorn Vale. It seems that each quest you get requires you to travel the breadth of Stranglethorn Vale, then walk all the way back, then only to repeat the process again. Worse, as you travel along the road, the dust choking you while the sun beats down harshly upon you, are the higher level jerks who flaunt their fancy mounts in front of you. They gleefully run a few circles around you, do a few mocking jumps, and generally kick dirt in your face as they drive home the message: we’re going a lot faster than you and doesn’t it suck to be you?

Basically, there is no real difference between one mount and another, only speed, despite the fact that there are several hundred mounts available in WoW. The differences are cosmetic. The harder to get mounts look way cooler than the normal mounts. A normal epic mount might be a simple armored horse, while a rare drop epic mount might be a spiky armored horse with glowing red eyes with flaming hooves. One looks cooler than the other one, but the speed increase is still the same.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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