Stacy Jones steps up to bat today as he completes his World of Warcraft Soloing Guide. This part covers levels 61-80 and Stacy goes in depth with Aspects, Mounts, Where to Level, and everything else a soloing hunter should know. Don't get beat down when you can be the one doing the beating.

You have one major change with your Aspects at level 74 when you gain Aspect of the Dragonhawk. This new Aspect is a combination of Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Monkey providing both an attack and dodge bonus. Most Hunters will find this useful for combat. However, Beast Mastery Hunters may still choose to use Aspect of the Beast to aid their pet damage and aggro skills, but switching between those two and using Aspect of the Viper when needed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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