David Piner takes a close look at the World of Warcraft Mage and presents his final installment of the Mage Soloing Guide. This time, we are taken on a tour of levels 61-80. While most of the spell rotations haven't changed, the environments sure have. Find out what awaits the soloing Mage in the Outland and Northrend in Part 3 of the World of Warcraft Mage Soloing Guide.

At level 58 you can, with the purchase of the expansion pack, take the Dark Portal into Outland. By that time you should have the ability to turn someone into a living bomb, conjure a watery elemental, or barrage your enemies with arcane might. You’ve fought through tons of quests, maybe visited an instance or two, and are now looking towards a brand new adventure. Well there is plenty of adventure waiting for you!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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