World of Warcraft provides an open architecture for mods unseen in most other MMOGs. The options are almost limitless, but coding mods can also be intimidating and time consuming. Luckily many coders and players have taken it upon themselves to provide us with mods and addons so we don't have to. Paladins have three very viable play style alternatives (with the three talent trees) which means there are plenty of mods to help us out. Healing, DPS and Tanking all have specific mods that will help Paladins out. One of the most widely used monitoring addons is Recount:

Recount is both useful and controversial. It is useful because it monitors damage, healing, cleansing and other combat information. The reports will show the parsed information in graphical and numerical form so that players can view how their performance ranks amongst the party/raid. The mod itself isn’t controversial, but sometimes its use is. Players sometimes become slaves to the meter and will not take care of their assignment in hopes of topping the damage chart. Using the monitor while beating on the training dummies can help evaluate different gear and talent choices. Use this for watching relative performance but don’t get too hung up if that Rogue is beating you in the DPS department.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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