you a Horde player working your way through the leveling grind?
Then you now that leveling can be an extremely tough job, especially if
your going it alone. Knowing what resources can be found in the zone,
finding the next quest hub, or even just searching out group quests for
some awesome rewards can pose a big challenge.

We here at Ten Ton Hammer have recognized that challenge and have begun
compiling information to bring you a Horde leveling guide complete with
all the basic information you need to hopefully make your leveling
experience a pleasant one. We are therefore pleased to introduce our
second update to the guide this week, containing information pertaining
to the Kalimdor zones of Northern Barrens and Azshara

Grol’dom Farm it will finally be time for players to
head to the Crossroads and once again they will be doing so as part of
a caravan escort via the quest “Crossroads Caravan
Pickup”. This quest can be obtained immediately upon arrival
at Grol’dom Farm, so be sure to complete all other quests
here before joining the caravan.

Get leveling with:  href=""
target="_blank">WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Kalimdor
-10-20 and remember to keep an
eye out for new updates!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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