Leveling is a tough job, especially when going it out alone. Many
players find themselves discouraged, and feeling overwhelmed with the
prospect of so many levels before them. We here at Ten Ton Hammer have
recognized the challenge that leveling can present and have begun
compiling information to bring you a leveling guide with all the basic
information needed to hopefully make your leveling experience a little
less stressful. This week we are once again proud to introduce the
newest portion of our guide containing information that will lead Horde
players through Kalimdor and the difficult levels of 21-40.

Since the Cataclysm
and Garrosh’s takeover and his push for
conquest, the Horde has begun a series of attacks on Ashenvale and the
various Night Elf encampments in the zone. Many sections of the once
beautiful woods have been deforested however, the Night Elves will not
go down without a fight. Splintertree Post is under constant siege and
half of the Warsong Lumber Camp has been lost. But
despite the efforts
of the Night Elves, the Horde has continuously managed to expand in
Ashenvale and will not be easily removed.

Check out the newest section of our guide in: href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/wow/guides/leveling/horde/Kalimdor/21-40"
target="_blank">WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Kalimdor

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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