There are a lot of quests in World of Warcraft and it can quickly becoming confusing as to what to do when and where. We're taking the difficulty out of leveling with a revamp to our leveling guides. We're starting at level sixty and on the Horde side and will be coming at you with more updates soon. Our leveling guide features a step by step guide to each quests, locations, screenshots, and maps. Premium members can enjoy a large downloadable map and a quicklist that gives you just the quests in locations in a linear list. Don't grind the hard way looking up each quest and struggling to figure out where to go and when. Come to TenTonHammer and enjoy our free leveling guides!

The next step is to walk through the glowing green portal into the Stairs of Destiny in Hellfire Peninsula. Here you’ll be given the followup quest Arrival in Outland which leads to Journey to Thrallmar. This quick quest chain will reward you with some experience and a flight to Thrallmar. Go ahead and accept the flight and journey to the first major quest hub in Outland.

Our Hellfire Peninsula/Horde Outland Leveling Guide will have you saying ding faster than ever!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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