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Hunter Instance Guide

Hunter is a class that can play a variety of roles in an instance. This makes hunters valuable for a group in instances. However, hunters who are careless can also easily cause a group to wipe by not having control over their pet or stepping beyond their bounds in an area. This is a list of helpful tips for playing a hunter in an instance.

Not all of these tips apply at all times (especially during boss encounters), but in general they are a very good list of things to be aware of before you set off into an instance.

  • Control your pet at all times. A handy way to do so is to keep your pet on passive and manually send it to attack enemies when needed.
  • A useful tip is to use your passive pet to protect the healer. If you see the healer get aggro, send your pet to attack the enemy on the healer. This will usually distract the mob long enough for the healer to continue his job and the tank to regain aggro.
  • Control your aggression. Remember, you will do more damage at ranged attack, so let the tank do his job. Hunters have useful skills to shed aggro - use them.
  • If you get aggro from an enemy, feign death or disengage to allow the tank to regain aggression. Also, if you are causing so much damage that the tank cannot hold aggro, slow down your dps. Use only your auto shot until the tank has a good hold of aggression again.
  • Do not use a DoT (specifically Serpent Sting) on a mob that is to be crowd controlled. A damage over time spell of any kind will break crowd control. So, be sure to know which mobs are going to be sheeped (or have some other form of CC on them) so that you can refrain from hitting them.
  • Use traps wisely. A freezing trap is quite useful when used properly. It is an effective form of crowd control. Be careful not to freeze an enemy that is already crowd controlled. A frozen sheep can be humorous, but is essentially a wasted trap.
  • A safe habit to learn is to dismiss your pet before jumping from a ledge. A pet will not always follow you over the ledge and may run through an instance, dragging unfriendly creatures along behind it, in order to catch up to you.
  • When pulling a mob to your group, remember to feign death after the tank hits the mob, so that the he can get aggression.
  • When pulling a mob, try to use only a single shot. This way, the tank has an easier time picking up aggression from the mob and you have an easier job shedding the aggro. The easiest way to do this is to hit escape after firing your shot.
  • Keep an eye on your pet's health. You have a healing spell for your pet, do not expect the healer to sacrifice mana for your pet that could go to another player. Some healers are nice and will help heal your pet, but do not expect them to do so.

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Ten Ton Hammer's Class Guides - Hunter

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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