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Pet Skill Location Table

Not sure where to find a beast that you can learn a new pet skill from, or even the next level of an existing skill. Check out this table for complete details.

Level Bite Claw Cower Growl
1 Dun Morogh: Snow Tracker Wolf, Winter Wolf

Mulgore: Prairie Wolves

South Fury River: Dreadmaw Croclisks

Teldrassil: Webwood Venomfang
Dun Morogh: Ice Claw Bears

Durotar: Pygmy Surf Crawlers

Teldrassil: Strigid Owl

Barrens: Plainstriders,

Darkshore: Foreststrider Fledging, Moonstalker Runt

Dun Morogh: Juvenile Snow Leopard

Durotar: Durotar Tigers

Mulgore: Elder Plainstriders, Flatland Cougars

Teldrassil:Nightsaber, Greater Duskbat

2 Barrens: Eycheyakee (Elite), Highmane Huntress, Highmane Prowler, Oasis Snapjaws

Dun Morogh: Starving Winter Wolf

Durotar: Croclisks

Ellwyn Forest: Prowler

Loch Modan: Forest Lurkers, Loch Crocolisk

Mulgore: Prairie Alphas

Redridge Mountains: Tarantula

Teldrassil: Giant Webwood Spider, Lady Sathrah, Webwood Silkspinner

Tirisfal Glades: Worgs

Westfall: Coyote Packleader
Darkshore: Thistle Bear

Dun Morogh: Bjarn, Mangeclaw

Durotar: Encrusted Surf Crawler, Venomtail Scorpid

Ellwyn Forest: Young Forest Bear

Orgrimmar: Scorpions

Silverpine: Bears

Teldrassil: Strigid Hunter
Barrens: Ornery Plainstriders

Darkshore: Giant Foreststriders, Moonstalker Sire

Hillsbrad Foothills: Starving Mountain Lion

Stonetalon Mountains: Panthers, Twilight Hunters, Twilight Runners
3 Ashenvale: Ghost Paw Runner

Duskwood: Green Recluse

Hillsbrad Foothills: Spiders

Loch Modan: Wood Lurkers

Redridge: Greater Tarantulas

Silverpine: Bloodsnout Worgs

Stonetalon Mountains: Besseleth (Elite) Tarren Mills: Forest Moss Creeper

Wailing Caverns: Deviate Crocolisks (Elite)
Ashenvale: Ashenvale Bear, Clattering Crawler

Darkshore: Den Mother

Hillsbrad Foothills: Gray Bears

Loch Modan: Black Bear Patriarchs, Ol' Sooty (Elite)

Tarren Mills: Gray Bear

Westfall: Crabs
Arathi Highlands: Highland Strider

Hillsbrad Foothills: Feral Mountain Lion

Razorfen Kraul: Kraul Bat

Stranglethorn Vale: Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Stranglethorn Panther

Thousand Needles: Crag Stalker
Learned from Pet Trainers
4 Ashenvale: Ghostpaw Alpha

Blackfathom Deep: Ghamoo-Ra

Duskwood: Black Mastiff, Naraxis

Hillsbrad Foothills: Giant Moss Creeper, Snapjaw

Tarren Mills: Elder Moss Creeper

Wetlands: Giant Crocodile

Ashenvale: Elder Ashenvale Bear

Desolace: Scorpions

Shimmering Flats: Scorpid Reaver

Thousand Needles: Scorpion in Salt Flats

Badlands: Ridge Huntress, Ridge Stalker

Learned from Pet Trainers
5 Arathi Highlands: Giant Plains Creeper, Plains Creeper

Badlads: Crag Coyote

Dustwallow Marsh: Darkfang Lurker, Drywallow Crocolisk

Thousand Needles: Turtles in Salt Flats
Desolace: Scorpashi Lasher Eastern Plaguelands: Noxious Plaguebat

Stranglethorn Vale: Jaugero cat
Learned from Pet Trainers
6 Feralas: Longtooth Runner, Snarler, Undead Wolf

Hinterlands: Witherbark Broodguard

Swamp of Sorrows: Deathstrike Tarantula
Feralas: Ironfur Bear

Swamp of Sorrows: Silt Crawler

Tanaris: Scorpid Hunter
Eastern Plaguelands: Monstrous Plaguebat

Winterspring: Frostsaber Cub
Learned from Pet Trainers
7 Felwood: Felpaw Ravager

Hinterlands: Saltwater Snapjaw, Vilebranch Raiding Wolf

Western Plagueland: Diseased Wolf, Plague Lurker
Burning Steppes: Deathlash Scorpid

Felwood: Angerclaw Mauler, Ironbeak Hunter

Feralas: Ironfur Patriarch

Winterspring: Shardtooth Bear, Winterspring Owl
  Learned from Pet Trainers

Backrock Spires: Bloodaxe Warg

Hellfire Peninsula: Thornfang Venomspitter

Western Plaguelands: Diseased Grizzly

Winterspring: Elder Shardtooth, Winterspring Screecher
  Learned from Pet Trainers
9 Blades Edge Mountains: Rema the Den Mother

Terokkar Forest: Dreadfang Lurker, Dreadfang Widow
Bone Waste: Scorpid Bonecrawler

Nagrand: Greater Windroc, Ravenous Windroc

Netherstorm: Ripfang Lynx

Terokkar Forest: Scorpid Bonecrawler
  Learned from Pet Trainers


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Ten Ton Hammer's Class Guides - Hunter

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