Mage Quests

Mage Specific quests and how to do 'em!

Questing as a mage is something that really needs to be done for three main reasons. First off, it gets you out there and exploring the world, learning about what is what and where is where, secondly it gets you killing things and gaining experience at an accelerated rate, and finally questing is important because it gets you the money and equipment needed to play the game.

Be aware that most people will see the same quest as you, however there will come times when as a mage you will need to go out on "mage only" quests. These class specific quests in no way inhibit your ability to group with others, however if you do these quests in a group be ready to return the favor when another member of your party needs to do a class specific quest.

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Levels 1 - 10 Quests

For the very low levels almost all characters of a set race start with and have access to the same basic quests. This covers the starting areas and all the quests are just to get you familiar with the game.

There are no Mage specific quests in this level range.

Levels 11 - 20 Quests

There are two big quests to be undertaken in these levels. As a mage you will have the opportunity to do a quest similar to “Ghost Busters” that makes you hunt strange monsters hidden in an inn/alchemist shop and then trap them in containment coffers.

The second quest to be partaken as a mage at these levels is the quest to get your own Mage Robes. The quest is gained from the same quest giver as the previous quest, one of the Mage Trainers in Stormwind. From there you will have to go to the Silver Stream Mine in Loch Modam to get specific gems needed to enchant your robe. The robe itself is a good piece of equipment and most mages can make use of it.

Also, there is a small minor quest to get your first mage Staff or Held in Off Hand item. This quest is recieved at 10th level and is extremely simple to complete.

  • Basic Equipment Quest

    Mirror Lake
    Level Obtained: 10 Obtained From: Jennea Cannon Description: Talk to Jennea, then take the flask she gives you to the base of the Waterfall at Mirror Lake (south west of Stormwind, in Elwynn Forest). Fill the vial and return to complete the quest.
  • Basic Equipment Quest
    The Balnir Farmstead
    Level Obtained: 10
    Obtained From: Anastasia Hartwell
    Description: Talk to Anastasia, then go to the Balnir Farmsted. When you reach the Farmsted, collect some of the flowers and return to get your reward.
  • Basic Equipment Quest

    Mage-tastic Gizmonitor Level Obtained: 10 Obtained From: Bink Description: Get the quest from Bink and then head to the outside of Gnomeragan (don't go inside unless you want to die quickly!). Once in that area, search all the huts for the Gizmonitor, and then you can return to complete the quest!
  • Basic Equipment Quest

    Ju-Ju Heaps
    Level Obtained: 10 Obtained From: Un'thuwa Description: Speak with Un'thuwa and then head to Echo Island where you will find the Ju-Ju heaps. Avoid the Trolls, and destroy the heaps to complete the quest.
  • "Ghost Busting" Quest

    Investigate the Blue Recluse
    Level Obtained: 15 Obtained From: Jennea Cannon Description: You have to get the scroll and box first from Jeanna Cannon on the table next to her in the mage room. Then head to the tavern and cast the scroll and u should see some air elements flying around. Kill the elementals and then use the box you got from Jeanna to make the 3 boxes you need. One elemenet is downstairs, another in the midroom and the last one is upstairs.
  • "Ghost Busting" Quest : Investigate the Alchemist ShopLevel Obtained: 15
    Obtained From: Anastasia Hartwell
    Description: Much like the Alliance version of this quest, simply go into the Alchemist shop and use the scroll to summon the Mana beasts. Drop down the box immediately after you kill one, and this quest will be over in no time.
  • Mage Robe Quest
    Gathering Materials
    Level Obtained: 15
    Obtained From: Jennea Cannon
    Description: The linen required to complete this quest is easy. The hard part are the charged rift gems that you have to get from Loch Modan. The kobolds that guard the Mine (located in northern Loch Modan) are numerous and spawn rather quickly. Taking a party in with you to complete other quests that are needed in the Mine is a smart idea, and will get this quest finished quickly.
  • Mage Robe Quest
    Gathering MaterialsLevel Obtained: 15
    Obtained From: Anastasia Hartwell
    Description: The linen required to complete this quest is easy, the gems are just a step behind. Killing any of the level 13-18 Dalaran mages in Silverpine will give you a chance to get one of the needed gems to complete this quest.
Levels 21 - 30 Quests

Depending on your race you will be persuaded to visit High Sorcerer Andromath who will give you a quest that will take you all the way to Redridge. Once in Redridge you have to go to the Tower of Ilgalar where the evil mage Morganth has his home. Inside this tower there is an ancient tome that needs to be found and returned to Andromath. Thankfully you do not have to engage Morganth in battle if you don’t want to, as the book is far enough away from him that you won’t agro him. I myself would consider doing this quest and the actual Redridge quest to kill him simultaneously to save time and earn more XP.

After returning to Andromath with the Tome, you will next be instructed to head off to Duskwood where you need to collect 8 pieces of pristine Spider Silk to bring back to Wynne Larson in Stormwind to get your next level of mage robe.

On the Horde side of things, the first quest will be to speak with Deino in Orgrimmar, who will send you to fill a vial of water from a waterfall in Ashenvale. Kill the Satyrs who inhabit Xavian, fill the vial, and return to Deino who will send you off to kill some "Laughing Sisters".

Killing the sister's, taking their hair, and returning to Kil'hala in the Crossroads, will reward you with some fancy new Mage robes made just for you!

  • Mage Robe #2 Quest Part I
    Ur's Treatise on Shadow MagicLevel Obtained: 26
    Obtained From: High Sorcerer Andromath
    Description: As per above, the best way to go about this quest is to time it with other quests in Redridge and get a party to assist you with storming the tower. Thankfully the book is easily obtained once you reach the top of the tower and resides in one of the bookcases.
  • Mage Robe #2 Quest Part I
    Waters of Xavian
    Level Obtained: 26
    Obtained From: Deino
    Description: The Satyr's are annoying, but this quest can be done solo. Just be sure to avoid the curses they place on you that can cause you to become randomly stunned. Fill the vial and get out ASAP as the respawn rate on the Satyrs is quick.
  • Mage Robe #2 Quest Part II
    Pristine Spider SilkLevel Obtained: 26
    Obtained From: High Sorcerer Andromath
    Description: Simply kill spiders in Duskwood (found best along the northern shore) and then once you have recieved enough silk return to Stormwind and talk to Wynne Larson to get your new robes!
  • Mage Robe #2 Quest Part II
    Laughing SistersLevel Obtained: 26
    Obtained From: Deino
    Description: Head to Ashenvale and go to the Raynewood Retreat where you will find the Laughing Sisters. Kill them and collect their hairs, then head to Kil'hala in the Crossroads to get the Astral Knot Robes or Blouse.
Levels 31 - 40 Quests

The only quest line specifically geared for a mage at levels 31-40 is the acquiring of a special wand from Tabatha in Dustwallow marsh. The quest line to get the Wand takes a fair bit of time to complete, but the wand is a very nice item that a lot of mages can make use of until about 50th level.

You will receive the quest to find Tabatha from a Mage Trainer and from there you will need to travel to find Tabatha. Once you find her, there is a chain of various different quests that will need to be completed before you can be gifted with your own wand.

The first quest will take you off to Desolace to find an “Infernal Orb” which drops off Burning Blade Summoners. Returning to Tabatha with the orb will begin a fight against a high level demon (40 elite). Battle this powerful enemy and then get prepared for the next quest…

After defeating the demon you will be sent off to find Magus Tirth; who is currently in the Shimmering Flats racing area. Find him and you will be sent off to the Scarlet Monastery to find his book. Since the Monastery has its own guide I won’t delve further into that here, however the book itself is located just after the Mythology of the Titans book.

Bring the book back and proceed to get the quest “Power in Uldaman” which will send you off to Uldaman where you need to fight the Obsidian Sentinel. Don’t worry though; this powerful construct is literally the first mob if you go through the Uldaman back door. Defeat the Sentinel and return to Tabatha for the final quest…

Speak with Tabatha one more time and be prepared to fight the 12 Mana Surges that appear. Fight 3-4 at a time, then rest, and then repeat until there are none left. Once you have defeated all 4 speak with Tabatha for your quest rewards.

  • Equipment Quest #1
    Journey to the MarshLevel Obtained: 30
    Obtained From: Bink (Alliance) / Deino (Horde)
    Description: This quest is simply a running quest to find Tabetha. You can find her right in the middle of Dustwallow Marsh, surrounded by level 34-38 MoBs who are out for blood.
  • Equipment Quest #2
    The Infernal OrbLevel Obtained: 35
    Obtained From: Tabetha
    Description: Getting may take some time if you do not have the flight point will be the longest part of this quest. Once you reach Desolace, kill the Burning Blade Summoners until you get an orb. Retrieve the orb and return to Tabetha, and expect one hell of a fight. You may want a party to help assist, as you will be fighting a level 40 elite.
  • Equipment Quest #3
    Hidden SecretsLevel Obtained: 30
    Obtained From: Tabetha
    Description: You will find Magus Tirth in the raceway on the Shimmering Flats.
  • Equipment Quest #4
    Rituals of PowerLevel Obtained: 30
    Obtained From: Magus Tirth
    Description: The book is located in the Scarlet Monastery Library section right at the end of the hall which contains the Mythology of the Titans book.
  • Equipment Quest #5
    Items of PowerLevel Obtained: 30
    Obtained From: Tabetha
    Description: Collect 10 Witherbark Totem Sticks from the Witherbark trolls in Arathi. Once collected take them to the Circle of Outer binding and use them to make the Bolt Charged Bramble. The jade can be mined, or bought off the Auction house for a moderate price.
  • Equipment Quest #6

    Power in UldamanLevel Obtained: 35
    Obtained From: Tabetha
    Description: The Obsidian Sentinel is located in Uldaman and is the first MOB you will fight if you enter through the “back door”. Be prepared to bring a full party to fight this enemy as he hits hard.
  • Equipment Quest #7

    Mana Surges Level Obtained: 35
    Obtained From: Tabetha
    Description: Be sure to fight the Mana Surges at about 3 to 4 between rests. They are not tough to kill, and if you fight them at that ratio you will easily complete the quest in the allotted time.
Levels 41 - 50 Quests

There is a very good quest chain available from Archmage Xylem in Azshara once you reach 50, although you may not be able to complete it until 52 or 53 unless you have a good group to help you. The quest starts with Magic Dust, continues on to The Siren's Coral and then to Destroy Morphaz.

Magic dust is a simple gathering quest to get the dust that drops from the Blood Elves around 56, 29. The siren's coral can be farmed from the sirens on the beaches of Azshara. For Destroy Morphaz you must travel to the Sunken Temple with a group and kill the Dragon Morphaz.

Levels 51 - 60 Quests

The must complete high level Mage quest is “Arcane Refreshment”; again this is a MUST quest for any level 60 mage. This quest grants the Mage the ability to create Conjured Crystal Water; the most potent water in the Mage’s arsenal.

The quest is given by Lorekeeper Lydros in Dire Maul. It requires you to find Hydrospawn (who is located in the Warpwood Quarter), defeat him, and take his essence back to Lydros who will then teach you how to conjure the water. A fairly simple quest, with an amazing reward!

  • Crystal Water Quest

    Arcane Refreshment Level Obtained: 60
    Obtained From: Lorekeeper Lyndros
    Description: Go to the Warpwood Quarter of Dire Maul, and face Hydrospawn. Once defeated, take Hydrospawn’s essence back to Lyndros to complete the quest.

There was another level 60 Mage only quest that was added to the game in patch 1.11 called Fragmented Magic. The quest is given to you by Archmage Xylem in Azshara and has you polymorph a bunch of Spitelashes and then kill them. When you are done you gain the ability to polymorph people into a pig! Not a necessity, but it can be a nice way to distinguish who is polying who in a raid, or which "sheep" to attack next.

There is also a Tome that drops from one of the Zul'Gurrub bosses that gives you a polymorph turtle option, so you could have 3 different forms. It drops from Gahz'ranka, more commonly referred to as the fish boss.

Levels 70 - 80 Quests

Attunement to Dalaran

Attunement to Dalaran is an easy quest available at 71 for Mages. You need to go to (20,60) in Dragonblight and use the crystal in order to attune yourself to the ley lines. The quest starts from the Dalaran representive in either Agmar's Hammar or Star's Rest in Dragonblight.

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