Looking to load up on good U.I. mods in World of Warcraft? Play a Mage or one of the many other classes available? You're in luck! David "Xerin" Piner slings a new article your way detailing the best mods out there for the Mage class. Don't play a Mage? Well don't feel out of the loop! We've got the same articles for other classes that are ready for you to use. So shine up that drab U.I. and get an edge in your game with our latest U.I. Mod article!

The reason that as a Mage you need the bars is because you have A LOT of spells. You have mana gems, portals, crafting, lots of attack spells, lots of situational spells, and just a lot of things for action bars. Bartender3 lets you move your bars around, make new ones, and lets yo uhave a very complicated set of keys for using your abilities.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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