Netherwing Reputation Guide (Nether Drake!) Revamp

The Netherwing faction serves as a means for obtaining one of the most awesome mounts in the game - the Nether Drake. In patch 2.1 this faction is expanded to allow you to gain up to Exalted with their ranks and receive the coveted Nether Drake. We here at Ten Ton Hammer have a guide that goes in-depth on how to complete every quest and get the your Nether Drake as fast as possible!

"Kindness: This quest is given by Mordenai and has you seeking out eight "Rocknail Flayer Carcasses" which drop from "Rocknail Flayers". Simply feed these to the Netherdrakes above (use it in your inventory and stand still). The "Rocknail Rippers" drop parts that you can combine into one Carcass if you so wish. Both are near to the quest giver."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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