Guide to Verigan's Fist Quest Chain

by: dlongest

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At level 20 Alliance Paladins gain access to one of the best level 20 items in the game. It's not easy to get, and you likely won't get it before level 22-23 without some serious help from friends, but it is definately worth the effort. It is similar to the level 20 Blood Elf Paladins will receive a quest for a nice blue polearm, the Blood Tempered Ranseur. The Alliance however receives a very nice two handed mace called Verigan's Fist.

Verigan's Fist

Two-Handed Mace
65-99 damage 3.20 speed
(25.6 dps)
+12 Spirit
+7 Stamina
+6 Intelligence

The quest initiated by picking up the "book" Tome of Valor. This is obtained from the paladin trainer Tiza Battleforge (for dwarves) or I believe Duthorian Rall in Stormwind (for humans). Tiza is located on the second floor of the building that houses the class trainers in the Hall of Mysteries. Rall is found in the Stormwind Cathedral. For dwarves, take the DeepRun Tram to Stormwind and just use the map to guide you to the Cathedral. In any event, you then read the Tome of Valor. It will give you a quest directing you to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind (again, in the Cathedral).

Rall will talk about Jordan Stillwell and his wife Daphne. Ms Stillwell resides in a little house in Westfall, to the northeast of Stormwind. It is going to involve actual combat. The goal is to save Daphne from attack by a gang of Defias so be prepared for a fight.

I had a bit of a tricky time finding Daphne. She is technically located in Longshore, which is the region on the coast of Westfall by the Great Sea extending up and down the coast. The easiest way to find her house is to start at the exit to the Deadmines. If you were to go through the Deadmines instance and exit out the back after killing Cookie, you come out here. Immediately turn left. You want to try to wind your way around until you see a little house by itself in a clearing. This is Daphne's house; she is standing in the yard. You must go speak with her. She will mention troubles with Defias, than tell you she's going into the house to get her gun. Follow her to the house but stay outside. Now is the time to apply any pre-battle buffs as well as buffing her. Daphne will fight along with you and can take some hits. You will get hit with 3 waves of Defias: a 3 person group, a 4 person group, and a 5 person group. There are all in the 18-19 area. I completed this part when I was level 22 (I think). I was using Razor's Edge (1H axe; 15.2 dps, +4 Strength, +2 Spirit) and I think my shield was Black Husk Shield (478 armor, 9 block, +3 Stamina, +4 Spirit). I had a few healing potions a friend gave me and had all the training I could have up til that point. I used Devotion Aura (I think rank 2) and applied Blessing of Might to both of us. In truth, this part was much easier than I thought it would be. I was able to draw the aggro so all 3 wailed on me nonstop. I used the standard Paladin tools of Consecration, Judgement of Righteousness, Seal of Righteousness. The lowest I ever got taken to was 30% of my health. After the last fight is over, you speak to Daphne again. She thanks you and directs you back to Duthorian Rall, again in Stormwind Cathedral.

When you speak to him, he rewards you with Bastion of Stormwind, a great shield (495 armor, 9 block). You see that the shield I used before was right on par with this one, but it's much more Paladin looking. Duthorian also talks about Daphne's husband Jordan, a famous smith. He directs you to Ironforge to speak to Jordan, presumably so he can thank you for helping his wife.

Jordan Stillwell is hanging out in the Gates of Ironforge. Fastest way to him is probably to take the Deep Run Tram out of Stormwind. He will thank you a bit, than send you on the quest Test of Righteousness. The goal is for you to find 4 different items in 4 very different places. Using these, he will craft for you the hammer called Verigan's Fist.

The four items Jordan wants you to bring him are: Purified Kor Gem; Jordan's Smithing Hammer; Whitestone Oak Lumber; and Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment. I will list these in the order I did them, which in my opinion was from easiest to hardest.

Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment

The ore shipment is obtained in Loch Modan. It's probably fastest to catch a gryphon out of Ironforge to Thelsamar. In order to get it, you must first speak to Bailor Stonehand. He is located inside a building in Thelsamar. It is the one that has the tailor standing outside of it. He will give you the quest called Bailor's Ore Shipment. I had done most of the quests in the Loch Modan region so was already very familiar with the area. You must journey to the Mo'Grosh camp northeast across the loch. The Mo'Grosh are a bunch of 18-19 elite ogres. They can be very difficult to kill because of their HP and battling them 2 on 1 is not an easy feat. Even though I could have ground it out, pulling an ogre and killing it, it was easier to just sneak around in the compound. The ore is in a box in the middle of the compound behind a tree. There are usually 3 or 4 ogres around a fire at the mouth of a cave very near it, although probably out of pulling range. Depending on your level or your preference, there are groups going in quite often. You can follow the group, let them kill everything and pick up the ore, or kill everything yourself and get the ore, or just sneak in and get it. Once you get it, return to Bailor and he will convert it to Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment. 25% done.

Whitestone Oak Lumber

At this point, I had been through the Deadmines instance a handful of times with some groups I just picked up at random. Whether you've been through there or not, it's usually easy to find a group going in. If you have to travel, probably best to fly a gryphon to Stormwind and walk over. You could potentially solo this part because everything you face up to the lumber are 18-20 standard mobs except for the goblin dudes who drop the lumber. Joining a group makes this part a slam dunk, however. You go into the deadmines, kill a lot of Defias on the way. You will then enter the instance itself. Fight a lot more defias until you reach the foundry. The foundry has a lot of Goblin woodcarvers and such. They are level 18-19 elite. One of them will drop the lumber you need. I think it dropped on the first or second goblin, no big deal. I stayed with my group through the rest of the instance; you can make your own decision on doing that or not. 50% done.

Purified Kor Gem

This part was exciting because you must journey across the sea to Kalimdor, specifically Darkshore and Ashenvale. To get there, about the only way is by boat. In my case, I had journeyed to Menethil with a buddy of mine so I caught the boat from Menethil. If you're looking into the water, it is the boat on the right. I think it is listed as going to Ashenvale. When you get off the boat, you must speak with Thundris Windweaver. He is found in a building overlooking the ocean. When you get into the actual town, make a left and you walk pretty much straight into the building as I recall. He is facing north out into the ocean. He directs you to bring him a kor gem, which he will purify for you. Now begins the trek. You must head south south south into Ashenvale. When you get into Ashenvale, pull up the map. You should see a little line of mountains that is to the west of the road you are on. You basically need to loop around the mountains. You are looking for Blackfathom Deeps in the northwest corner of Ashenvale. If there are signs for BFD, follow them. You will see some level 19-21 nagas slithering around. Kill them if you want or avoid them. To get into the BFD instance, you go down a bunch of steps in what looks like a ruined building to your right when coming down the path. You must then swim underwater and come up in the instance. When you emerge from the water, you will be in an underground cave. Be careful. The gem will drop from a naga priestess or oracle. You should see a few right away. There are also satyrs standing around. These are level 19-20 elite creatures and you do not want to be double-teamed. I pulled and killed the first one easily enough but no drop. The satyr had wandered off so I tried to kill the priestess. She was dying easily enough but she fled and I could not get off HoJ before she aggroed the satyr who started pounding on me. I ran and jumped back into the water and swam away. I healed up and came back. I had to kill the intro naga again (no drop), then the satyr by himself. The second naga dropped the gem. Take it back to Windweaver, he purifies it. Get on the boat back to Eastern Kingdoms. 75% done

Jordan's Smithing Hammer

At this point I was level 24. I feared this would be the hardest item to acquire and I was probably right. This was the only one I could not solo. Although I tried. The hammer is located in Shadowfang Keep, an instance deep in Silverpine Forest (horde territory). This was my first excursion into horde only territory. I left from Menethil and traveled north into Arathi Highlands. Stay on the road! Everything around you is level 30 and higher and will pound you if you mess with it. Be alert and you should be okay. I got attacked a few times but was able to HoJ and then Divine Protection my butt out of trouble. Keep following the road. It will lead into Hillsbrad (still contested territory). Things here are closer to your level but there are lots of them so try to stay on the road and not get into fights. High-level horde will wander by and you are gank-bait. A level 60 rogue killed me a few times before he got bored and wandered off. Stay alert for a band of high-level undead NPCs escoring another NPC along the road between Southshore and the big wall. Stay away from them. I ducked off the road to avoid them. They move slowly but don't get too creative and approach them. Eventually you go through the wall, the road forks and they veer right. You go left. (Also, Southshore is where the graveyard is. If you die, this is where you run from. Remember how long the trip is as you make it. That's your penalty if you die along the way or in SFK. Also there's a gryphon flight path for Alliance in Southshore).

It's not long now before you cross from the Hillsbrad Foothills into Alterac and then horde territory. You will head almost due west straight into SFK. Stay on the road and be alert. This was my first chance at PvP so here's some basic thoughts. Many people have written far better on the topic than I could hope to (Messiah's stuff on this site is great). I encountered some lower level hordes but no 60's. I got attacked a few times and I blasted them. A couple were undead priests who died horribly. They can't take too much abuse and they lack the offensive power to put you down. I took down a rogue too. The best part about Paladin is the extreme survivability. If you take on a class that has greater damage potential than you (rogues and mages mostly obviously), just try to outlast them. A mage without mana is dead. Over the long haul, you can wear out a rogue through heals and buffs. Just stay calm and remember to judge and use your seals. I saw a lot of priests and they have nothing for you at this level really, at least the ones I fought. They could use Shadow Word, but after that they died horribly. Cloth armor and lack of offensive firepower hands you the fight.

When you get into Alterac, look at the map. You will see a mountain range running north-south, a valley, and a range running sort of northeast-southwest. You are headed right into the valley. This becomes Silverpine (horde territory). Keep heading west. There are signs for Silverpine, just follow them. You need to be mindful because you need to make a turn-off towards Pyrewood Village (where SFK is located). I pass it everytime because it's not very conspicuous. If you feel you've gone too far, check the map, no big deal. You will begin to approach what looks like an old time Colonial Davy Crockett fort. That is Pyrewood Village. It's a horde village, stay out. During the day it's not bad but at night, it becomes a scene out of a Stephen King novel. You don't need to go into it anyway.

The road will fork right, follow it. It winds up the hill and little bit towards a castle. You will encounter no mobs on the way. This is Shadowfang Keep. When you enter the instance, you will see mobs straight ahead of you through grated doors. To your right, you can enter a little room. You will see what I call werewolves and walking things (one is worg, I think the other is a Shadowwalker). They are level 21-22 elite. You cannot pull a werewolf without pulling the other creature. You can theoretically pull a walker without a werewolf. In the opening battle, you can do neither. The room is too small. I found soloing to be intractable. I died twice and had to run from Southshore. The first time, I hit the werewolf with everything in my arsenal, plus i used healing potions and mana potions. He died, then I died.

The second time, I did the same plus I tried to use a Target Dummy (I have Engineering as a profession). No go. I had to call in reinforcements in the form of my usual questing buddy, a level 24 mage. We coordinated our attacks carefully but in our particular case, if we double pulled, he would sheep one, we would get a kill, I did some healing, then we killed the other. He had rank 2 sheep so they slept for 30 seconds. That, plus his incredible damage output, made these fights fairly easy. There's only one real direction to go. At one point you will go through a doorway. You can see jail cells at the bottom of some stairs. You will also see 3 wolves and a brown named boss, who is the jail keeper. In our case, we were able to pull a wolf, kill it, pull a wolf and the keeper, sheep the keeper, kill the wolf, kill the keeper, kill the last wolf. YMMV but it is incredibly important to try to limit the number of creatures you are fighting. If you can kill the dogs one at a time, even better. The keeper is no big deal. After this, throw the lever to open the cells and speak to the NPC in the cell. You must then follow him and he will open the courtyard for you. You must go straight across the courtyard into the stables. There are lots of mobs in the courtyard so don't be crazy. Go slow and limit your battles. Stay as far to the left side as you can. We got double teamed a few times but used the sheep and slaughter method with great success. There are these haunted women wandering around that can cast a spell called Haunting. These causes a ghost type creature to show up every so often. It's a pain but they die fast if it happens. There was a wolf in the stables, kill it. You will see the hammer lying on a barrel. Pick it up. Some people say that you can kill the horses to get a good bag. I did not bother as attacking one horse causes the others to aggro. These are 3 level 21 elite horses and I did not find it worth my time to attempt this.

After getting the hammer, we hearth stoned out of there. In my case, I landed back at Menethil. I flew the gryphon back to Ironforge and spoke to Jordan. He wanders around, then ultimately gives you Verigan's Fist. Congratulations Paladin!

Verigan's Fist

Two-Handed Mace
65-99 damage 3.20 speed
(25.6 dps)
+12 Spirit
+7 Stamina
+6 Intelligence

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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