With the new World of Warcraft Patch 6.0.2 called The Iron Tide, we are being exposed to the Iron Horde for the first time.  This is all in preparation for the Warlords of Draenor expansion that is coming out next month. 

Along with all of the changes to the game such as the stat squash, new talents, class changes, stat additions and deletions, there is a brand new quest line available to play that helps setup the story for the Warlords of Draenor expansion.  This quest line takes place in the Blasted Lands.  In addition to advancing the story line, it also offers several rewards along the way that could help non-raiders, but more on that later.

NOTE: This quest guide is written from the Alliance perspective.
Horde players have slightly different, but similar quests.

Iron Horde Invasion Quest Line

Iron Horde Invasion - Your first step is to make your way to the Blasted Lands where you will see that things have been shaken up a bit.  There you need to Find Vindication Maraad at the Shattered Beachhead.

Under Siege, Attack of the Iron Horde, and Peeking into the Portal – These quests send you out to send you out to kill some Ironmarch Grunts as well as the destroy some Iron Demolishers in the area.  You also need to find your own scout and use her telescope to watch a in game cinematic. You will be rewarded with a blue ilevel 515 ring when done.

Subversive Scouts and Ending Executions – These quests are still at the Shattered Beachhead.  The scouts can be found right around camp, but the other quests sends you a bit further afield to stop some executions of prisoners to the northwest.

Investigating the Invasion – Maraad wants you to meet him behind enemy lines to the north.

Lunatic Lieutenants, For Nethergarde, and Mementos of the Fallen – All three quests have you travel to Nethergarde which has been overrun by the Iron Horde.  Once there you will need to find the items requested, and plant several flags to rally your troops.  Once completed you will be rewarded with a blue ilevel 515 necklace for your trouble.

Toothsmash the Annihilator, Death to the Dreadmaul, and Enohar’s Revenge – These quests send you to deal with the ogres that helped the Iron Horde Orcs as they invaded.  You need  to go about killing several of them, poisoning their food supply and killing their leader.  Once done you will be rewarded with a blue ilevel 515 cloak

Gar’Mak Bladetwist – You will now be sent to deal with a powerful Iron Horde Orc who led the assault through the  Black Gate.  You can find him to the north east in a tower.  Once done, you will be sent to Stormwind to meet the king for your reward with the Report to the King quest.  You will also earn The Iron Invasion achievement.

Iron Horde Invasion Quest Rewards

While making your way through the quest line you will be rewarded with several blue quality items that are ilevel 515.  These may be of help to some players.  The more interesting rewards though are an offering of 5 different ilevel 520 purple trinkets that could be of use to players.

The five different trinkets are as follows: Tank, Melee Strength, Melee Agility, Spell Spirit, and Spell Intellect.  This makes sure that everyone can find something they want, even if it happens to be for their off-spec.

You are also given a brand new blue quality pet called the Iron Star for use in Pet Battles.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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