The fourth and supposedly final phase of World of Warcraft’s elemental invasion event has begun. The major cities are now being assaulted by legions of elementals while more trouble brews in the various dungeons littering Azeroth. It’s up to brave adventurers in each city to mount a defense and then lead a counter attack to stop these invasions.

This phase of the event is designed for those at or near level 80, meaning lower level players will have to wait this phase out. Additionally, the length that this event will run is currently unknown, so it’s best to get out there and begin the event. The event resets every two hours (although some say three), so get out there and start defending!

Phase One – Escape and Defense

The first phase of the event lasts for five minutes and begins with various NPCs yelling that the invasion is about to begin. If you are not level 80 then it’s a great idea to take one of the portals out of town since the NPCs about to spawn are all level 80s. During the five minutes you can pick up an “Unbinding Totem” from one of the Earthen Ring Defenders (to free citizens later) and use the Sandbags/Barricades at the markers around the city to help prepare the defenses.

Phase Two – Hold the City

After five minutes the invasion will begin and last for exactly one hour. During this time you will need to close all of the rifts and free all of the citizens. You can use the unbinding totem to free the citizens while the rifts are closed in the traditional matter. Closing the rifts for this phase of the event still counts for the “Tripping the Rifts” achievement. Thirty two elementals will spawn out of each rift, you’ll need to kill all of them to close the portal up.

If you free all of the citizens within an hour and close the rifts then the third phase begins which is the counter attack. If you fail then you’ll need to wait for the event to restart and try again.

Phase Three – Attack

After a successful defense you’ll be able to visit two of the four new event bosses (if you defend both cities for your faction you’ll be able to visit all four). Use the Dungeon Finder to fight these new bosses which are extremely simple, although they have quite a bit more health than the average heroic boss.

You’ll have twenty minutes to do as many of the bosses as you can before the rifts close and you’ll need to wait on the restart of the event. Each boss will have a faction leader waiting for you whenever you zone in to assist in the event and they will offer a quest to give you a bit of extra cash in your pocket. Each boss also drops ilvl 251 gear, which is great for those who aren’t raiders or missing a few pieces of gear.

Kai’ju Gahz’rilla

Quest: Water They Up To?

Gahz’rilla is available once a water elemental invasion has been stopped. The updated version of Gahz’rilla has four skills: Freeze Solid (iceblocks a party member), Icicle (ice breath), Glacier (restores himself to full health), and Slam (throws someone in the air, you can avoid this by standing in the water).

Crown Princess Theradras

Quest: Earth Girls Aren’t So Easy

Princess is available once an earth elemental invasion has been stopped. She has five new abilities: Dust Field (not exactly new, but rather powerful, AoE damage from behind her), Boulder (interrupt), Repulsive Gaze (fears everyone looking at her), Thrash (gains two extra attacks), and an unnamed throw.

Prince Sarsarun

Quest: This Blows

Sarsarun is available once an air elemental invasion has been stopped. He is capable of summoning tornadoes that throw you in the air if they touch you and uses an ability to stun the entire party and dealing rather decent damage. Keep the party HoT’d to counter this.

Grand Ambassador Flamelash

Quest: Fired Up and Not So Good To Go

Flamelash is available once a fire elemental invasion has been stopped. He is buffed by “Burning Spirit” whenever one of the fire adds reaches him, you can stop this by killing them while they are in route to him. Otherwise he is rather simple.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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