How can you pass up dual axes? Puh-lease.

The World of Warcraft Shaman class has many great talents available to it and quite a few bad ones. Which are which though? The aim of this guide is to help you create your own build or perfect an existing one to better suit you. You can do this by better understanding of each talent.

This Restoration talent guide goes over each of the talents in the
Shaman's restoration talent tree. The restoration talent tree is for
Shaman that want to spend their time healing. The tree is very effective
early on in the game, however as you get later in the game a shamans
healing power is overshadowed by the Druid, Paladin and Priests. The
Restoration tree allows you to heal more effectively especially single
target healing. It also contains some very nice add on's for both the
elemental and enhancement shaman.

Check it out at the Ten Ton Hammer WoW site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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