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Priest Mods For Raiding

Let’s take a look at some add-ons, or mods as they are commonly called, that can no Priest should be raiding without. I’m not going to discuss standard mods that everyone uses like Bartender, or Questhelper. These are great add-ons, but are designed for anyone and everyone. I’m going discuss the add-ons every Priest should have, and will help improve your raiding 10 fold.

Deadly Boss Mods

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The first Add-on we are going to look at is Deadly Boss Mods. This add-on is essential and a must have for Priests. Well to be honest, everyone should use this regardless of class, but it is especially important for the Priest. Deadly Boss Mods tells you what is going on during boss fights in raids, and more importantly, it tells you what is about to happen during the fight. The add-on will actually give you a countdown timer to the next big special attack the boss is about to do. This gives you time to preload your HOTs and make sure everyone’s health is topped off before it goes off. As an added bonus, Deadly Boss Mods will automatically tell anyone that whispers to you during a boss fight that you are in the middle of a fight and it even tell them the name and health of the boss as well as the raid's status. I can’t recommend this highly enough; nobody should be on a raid without this, especially a Priest!

Setup is extremely easy with Deadly Boss Mods. Just install it in your add on folder and forget about it. Whenever you go into a raid, it will automatically bring up the information needed. This is really a set it and forget it mod that you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


Decursive is a powerful tool used to remove curses and diseases. With this simple tool you can quickly and easily cast Abolish Disease or Dispel Magic on anyone that needs to be cleansed with a single mouse click. Decursive adds a simple grind to your UI with one small square for every member of your raid. Whenever a raid member has an affliction that you can cure, you will hear a beep and their square on the grid will glow either red or blue depending upon which of your spells can remove the affliction. If its glowing red, you left click on the square to cast Dispel Magic, if it’s blue, right click to cast Abolish Disease. It’s just that easy.

Setup is very easy as well. Once you have it installed it will automatically set itself up for your class. So no configuration is needed. Just move the grid around the screen to wherever works best for you, and you are all ready to go. No one is going to die because of disease again with this little gem installed.


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Healbot should be every Priest’s best friend. This is by far one of the biggest game changers out there for a Priest. If you were a mediocre Priest before, with this little gem, you will truly shine in your raids. With Healbot, you can set up to 20 different key and mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spell you want. That’s right, no more clicking on your target, and finding the right number to push, with Healbot, just mouse over the small Healbot grid, and click, the heal is now on its way. It also monitors all of your HOTs to help prevent overcastting. Healbot will also show you who currently has aggro by making their bar brighter than the others. This allows you to start your casting before the party member is even taking damage. It will also synch with other users of Healbot in the raid, to show you the heals they are casting. This greatly decreases over healing and loss of mana; if the Priest next to you is already casting Greater heal on the target, you will see that, so you will know that you don’t have to worry about it. Out of combat Healbot will manage all sorts of beneficial spells for you. Simply click on the Healbot grid and it will automatically rez any dead party members, decurse anyone that is cursed, buff anyone that needs it, and then heal anyone that is still hurt. How can you beat all that? Again Healbot is a game changer; you owe it to yourself and to your raid to at least try it out. When I switched over to it, I went from average numbers on raids, to very near the top. It can make all the difference in the world on those tough raids.

Setup is easy, but does take some time so don’t install it and think you are ready to raid in 5 mins. Once you have it installed, click on options in your new Healbot grid. Under the spells tab is where you will set up what spell to cast with all of your mouse keyboard combinations. It will take some time finding the combination that works best for you, so I recommend going on an easy raid the first couple of times using it, in order to get used to how Healbot functions. Under the skins tab you can configure how you want your grid to show up. It has everything from listing by groups, to listing by maximum health. Take some time to play around; this is a very powerful tool with lots of options. Start out simple so you don’t get lost in all the options, set a few spells, choose your layout and try it out. In no time you will wonder how you ever healed without it.


There are hundreds of add-ons out there that do everything from automatically selling your grey items, to very complex UI overhauls. Everyone has their favorites, and trying to get everyone to agree on one add-on over another is never going to happen. I am sure there are many people out there that will disagree with my choices for must have add-ons, but these are the three that really stand out, and make me better as a Priest. If you aren’t using them, I can’t encourage you enough to at least give them a try.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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