In the World of Warcraft, Ulduar is the current end game raiding instance, and one of the bosses that must be defeated to progress is affectionately knows as the Crazy Cat Lady. Her real name is Auriaya, but almost no one calls her that. She is found just past Kologarn, just a single pull away. This guide provides all the basic strategies you need to be aware of to defeat this boss in Ulduar.

Once the Feral Defender spawns there are two options, kill it or leave it.  The best choice depends on the raids makeup and size.  If there are lots of heals in the group, or if you are in a 10 player raid, the best option may be to leave the Defender alive and just focus on Auriaya.  The reasoning is that every time the defender dies, while it does get weaker, it drops a very nasty void zone that tends to kill anyone that does not react quickly enough, or gets feared through it. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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