In the World of Warcraft, Ulduar is the current end game raiding instance, and one of the bosses that must be defeated to progress is the Giant Kologarn. Kologarn guards the way to the central ring in Ulduar and his body will form a bridge to reach across the Shattered Walkway so that you can gain access to the other bosses. It is possible for Kologarn to be fought as early as the raids 3rd boss in Ulduar or as late as the 6th depending on which optional bosses your group chooses to fight. This guide provides all the basic strategies you need to be aware of to defeat this boss in Ulduar.

Ranged players need to setup so that they can avoid hitting other players when they are chosen as a target for the Focused Eyebeams. A common strategy is to have all ranged players spread out along the back edge of the room. Then, when targeted, they take a few steps forward and run the longest way across the room. Since they will be more than 5 yards from all the other players in the back row, and behind the players in the front doing melee, no one else will get hit by the eye beams. Once the beam stops, they find a spot in the back row again.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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