Stamina is so the new Intellect this season.

Our Warlock Guide has been updated to display the new importance of stats in the Burning Crusade, as well as new options for your character past dungeon sets! Wondered if Spell Haste is worthwhile for your warlock? Check out our newest update!

"Now with the Burning Crusade, Warlocks need to worry about 2 new things, Intellect is a thing of the past, with the larger mana pools and lifetap available, you should be focusing, past level 60 and into level 70, into Stamina and most importantly Spell Damage. (Seen in Effects). As a Warlock, you will always be needing more stamina than most others since it doubles as your mana bar. If you're going into PvP, don't forget to stack up on Resilience as well, since other players will be able to defeat you quickly."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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