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Peacebloom vs. Ghouls is a brand new mini-game implemented after
the Cataclysm expansion. Based off the wildly popular Plants vs.
Zombies game developed by PopCap Games, Peacebloom vs. Ghouls
to bring all of the zombie killing fun into World
of Warcraft. Players will meet Brazie the Botanist
who has a
rather unusual problem, waves of Undead are attacking his farmstead.
It will be your job to defend the farm (and your brains) against the
incoming waves of Undead using only the aid of various types of plants.

Learn more about the mini-game below:

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This super fun mini-game can be
found at the Brazie Farmstead, a quaint
little farm south-east of the Dalaran Crater. For
those that prefer
coordinates The Brazie Farmstead is located at 33.5, 48.4. You will
know you have reached the Farmstead by
the smiling sunflowers and
ominous green clouds just outside the door.

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Mini-games are fun, this one especially so, what with defeating brain
eating Undead and all but really what do you get out of it?

Not only will players who complete this mini-game gain all the gold
(and possible experience) from each quest, but when the final quest is
completed players will be presented with href="" target="_blank">Brazie’s
Seeds, and allow the player to
choose between href=""
target="_blank">Brazie’s Plant
Light or href=""
target="_blank">Botanist’s Britches.
Even more exciting,
however, is
that players will also be awarded ….


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That’s right ladies and gentlemen if you manage to defeat the
evil final boss and stop the invading Undead you will get the much
sought after Singing Sunflower. Modeled after the Sunflowers that
appear in the original Plants vs. Zombies game this pet not only looks
cool, but also will entertain it’s owner by occasionally
singing a line or two from the PvZ theme song complete with musical
notes above it’s head.

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So you’ve reached the
Farmstead and you’re standing
outside wondering if the happy looking sunflowers are really plotting
your demise or not (the answer to which
is probably a resounding yes,
plants should really never be THAT happy), but how do you get this
party started? To get started speak to Brazie the Botanist, who is a
rather ugly looking Goblin sporting very Druidesque gear who can be
found standing just outside the door to the farm house, between the
creepy sunflowers. Brazie will offer you a quest and once accepted the
mini-game will begin.

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style="font-style: italic;">*It
should be noted that
once you have completed a quest in the quest
line you cannot go back and complete it again, and once the entire
quest line is complete you will no longer be able to play the

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Before you begin playing it may be a
good idea to get a better
understanding of the mini-game basics:


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  • style="font-weight: bold;">1. The House
  • style="font-weight: bold;">2. The Playing Field
  • style="font-weight: bold;">3. Fertilize-O-Tron 2000s
  • style="font-weight: bold;">4. Ghoul Spawn Point
  • style="font-weight: bold;">5. Plants Bar
  • style="font-weight: bold;">6. Solar Power Gauge
  • style="font-weight: bold;">7. Progress Meter

style="font-weight: bold;">The House

Defend this at all costs against the incoming waves of invaders.
Seriously, if you let even a single enemy slip past your defenses, not
only will you fail the quest at hand, but the enemy in question will
not hesitate to rush inside and eat whatever warm brains he can find.
Brains are like filet mignon to these dudes, so they don’t
mess around.

The Playing Field

The playing Field is where all the action happens and is essentially a
5x8 grid consisting of 5 separate lanes with each lane containing 8
individual squares. At one end of the Field is the farm house and at
the other the enemy spawn point. Here you will line up your defenses
and hopefully defeat the oncoming waves of enemies.


The Fertilize-O- Tron 2000s are your last line of defense. Located just
outside the farm house these machines look like they were borrowed from
the Forsaken. While ideally you never want to have to rely on these if
an enemy does reach one of these engines of destruction the
Fertilize-o-Tron will kick into action and promptly mow down the
offending invader and any other enemy in the lane. The Fertilize-O-Tron
will not respawn once it has been activated leaving the lane it came
from especially vulnerable.

Ghoul Spawn Point

Undead of all types will spawn in this location at the end of one of
the five rows. Once spawned, they will make a beeline for your house
straight down the lane they originally spawned in front of. Your foes
will always follow a straight path and will never diverge into other

Plants Bar

Here you will find all the plants and abilities needed to complete the
various quest levels.You will begin with a single plant
(the Spitter) however, things will get more complicated as you progress
with more plants and abilities being added as you go.

When the bar has all your plants and abilities on it the icons are from
left to right:

    style="text-align: left; font-style: italic;">
  1. Sunflower
  2. Spitter
  3. Freezya
  4. Rocknut
  5. Strangler Vine
  6. Pumpkin Bomb
  7. style="width: 425px; height: 94px;" alt=""

    Power Gauge

    The Solar Power Gauge is where you can see the total amount of Solar
    Power you have managed to collect. Solar Power comes from bright yellow
    balls that will randomly fall on the Playing Field as you play. To
    collect Solar Power simply hover your mouse over one of the yellow
    balls and right click. As you collect Solar Power the Gauge will fill
    up by 5% with each ball.


    The Progress Meter will appear as soon as you begin a level. As you
    defeat each wave of Undead, the Progress Meter will fill up. Once the
    Progress Meter is full, the stage is complete and you can rest easy, at
    least for a little while.

    Now that you understand the basics of the interface it’s time
    to move on to those crazy characters; the Plants!


    The plants in this mini-game are your saving grace and will be almost
    all that stand between you and the invaders. While you only begin the
    game with 1 single plant you will eventually gain access to 6 different
    plants. Each plant  costs a specific amount of solar power to
    use and must be placed in one of the individual squares in one of the
    five lanes.

    style="width: 300px; height: 224px;" alt=""


    Spits poison at oncoming enemies in
    the lane it is placed in causing 50

    style="width: 300px; height: 224px;" alt=""


    Produces one extra Solar
    Power ball each cycle.


    HP: 968

    Solar Power Cost: 20


    Assaults oncoming enemies with a freezing attack that temporarily slows
    down any enemy it hits, but only causes 35 damage.

    style="width: 300px; height: 215px;" alt=""


    While this unit won’t attack, it does act as a physical
    barrier against any enemies in the lane it is placed in. No enemies
    will be able to bypass the Rocknut
    until its hit points are

    style="width: 300px; height: 205px;" alt=""


    This plant will grab the nearest enemy and trap it then slowly damage
    it until it dies. Unlike the other plants the Strangler Vine can damage
    enemies when on an adjacent square. Strangler Vines can NOT trap
    Aberrations, Abominations or Warden

    style="width: 300px; height: 225px;" alt=""


    When placed on a square, this plant will explode doing huge amounts of
    damage to all enemies near it. This plant is the most effective weapon
    to use against Warden Stillwater.

    we’ve covered the good
    guys, now lets move on
    to those brain eating invaders; the Ghouls.


    style="width: 300px; height: 248px;" alt=""

    The most common of the Undead, these units move slowly and die quickly.

    style="width: 300px; height: 214px;" alt=""

    Moving move quickly than Zombies, Ghouls also have more HP and also do
    more damage. Using Rocknuts to stop
    them, or Freezya plants to slow
    them down is a very good idea.

    style="width: 300px; height: 210px;" alt=""

    unit has quite a bit of HP making it
    the hardest
    common unit to
    kill, not to mention that it can take
    out your plants
    quickly. Trap, slow, or blow up these Undead before they cause
    considerable damage.

    style="width: 300px; height: 237px;" alt=""

    While very slow, Abominaions can be very dangerous. These
    units do tons of damage and are hard to kill. Use Rocknuts to stop them
    and Pumpkin Bombs when possible to take them out.

    style="width: 300px; height: 213px;" alt=""

    Used as a primary defense by Warden Stillwater (the final boss) these
    units will block Spitter attacks and prevent you from doing damage to
    the Warden. Use Strangler Vines to get rid of these nuisances quickly
    and effectively.

    style="width: 300px; height: 214px;" alt=""

    This is the final boss in the mini-game, the big kahuna if you will.
    Until all the other Undead before him are defeated, Warden Stillwater
    will not attempt to cross the field. Instead he will wander back and
    forth in the Undead Spawning Zone tossing vials of fertilizer on your
    plants which will automatically cause them to wither and die after 30
    seconds. Warden Stillwater’s primary mode of defense will be
    in the form of Obelisks detailed
    above. Pumpkin Bombs are currently the
    most effective method of killing
    this boss.

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    alt="" src="">

    To complete the Plants vs. Ghouls
    mini-game players will need to
    complete five separate quests:

    • [20] Basic Botany (Survive a
      Massive Wave of Zombies)
    • [20] Flower Power (Survive a
      Massive Wave of Zombies)
    • [20] Ghouls Hate My Grains
      (Survive Two Massive Waves of Zombies)
    • [20] Someone Setup the
      Pumpkin Bomb (Survive Two Massive Waves of
    • [20] Lawn of the Dead
      (Defeat Warden Stillwater)

    Continue reading for a complete walkthrough for each of the quests.

    alt="" src="">

    Basic Botany

    The first quest in line is Basic Botany and it is essentially a
    tutorial that will teach you the basics of game play and familiarize
    you with the various aspects of the mini-game. You will notice that
    messages containing instructions on how to meet the needed goals will
    occasionally flash across the screen. Pay careful attention to these,
    otherwise you may find yourself very confused.

    When this quest begins the first message you receive will instruct you
    to collect Solar Power and place Spitters in the center lane
    (designated by a patch of sunlight) to fight zombies that are sure to
    be coming shortly. There is no rush at this point, no Undead will
    appear until after you have placed your first Spitter. So take a second
    at this point to get comfortable with the interface.

    You may have noticed by this point that glowing golden balls of light
    have been falling from the sky onto the Field. This is your Solar
    Power. As mentioned above, simply right click these orbs to collect
    them which will in turn fill up your Solar Power Tank by 5% with each
    ball collected. In case you forgot; Solar Power is what you will use
    purchase various plants to defeat the oncoming Undead.

    When have enough Solar Power click on the Spitter icon on your vehicle
    bar and place it in the first square in the center lane (3A) which is
    highlighted with the golden circle of sunlight. Once the Spitter is
    placed the first Zombie will spawn in the Undead Spawn Zone at the
    opposite end of the field. Your Spitter will automatically attack the
    Zombie as it begins to shamble towards the house. While planting a
    single Spitter will easily allow you to complete this level, to speed
    things along you can plant several more Spitters in lane 3.

    After several Zombies are defeated you will be warned that a massive
    wave of Zombies is approaching. This warning indicated that the final
    stage of the battle is about to begin and the quest is close to being
    completed. At this point usually large numbers of Undead would spawn
    and descend upon wrecking quite a bit of havoc. Since this is the
    tutorial only 5 Zombies will spawn and attack in lane 3. Any Spitters
    you have planted (even only one) will easily defeat the wave of

    Once completed this mission will unlock your second plant; the

    Flower Power

    Toto, we aren’t in the tutorial anymore. The second quest in
    the mini-game is more intense than the first. Here you will be
    introduced to a second kind of enemy (Ghoul) and two new plants (the
    Sunflower and the Freezya). Thankfully things are still kept slightly
    simple as spawning enemies will only advance from rows 2, 3, and 4.

    Start collecting Solar Power as soon as possible and plant 3 Sunflowers
    to start. Because enemies will only be spawning in lanes 2, 3, and 4
    place the Sunflowers in lane 1 or 5 to prevent them from being
    attacked. Soon enough a Zombie will spawn and begin his quest for
    brains, when this happens quickly plant a Spitter in the second square
    of the lane the Zombie has appeared in.

    After the Spitter is planted continue planting Sunflowers in lanes 1
    and 5 until the first three squares in each row contain a Sunflower.
    Only diverge from this course if a Zombie spawns in a lane without a
    Spitter, if this happens quickly plant a Spitter in the second square
    of that lane. Eventually you will have Spitters in the second square of
    lanes 2, 3 and 4.

    About halfway into the mission a random Zombie will drop a sack onto
    the field. Right click on this bag to unlock your third plant; the
    Freezya. You will gain access to your newly found plant right away so
    plant Freezyas on the first sqaures of lanes 2, 3, and 4.

    At this point your field should look like this:

    style="width: 600px; height: 343px;" alt=""

    From this point on you will continue planting Spitters in rows 2, 3,
    and 4 until the quest is completed. Remember to plant Spitters in the
    lanes that contain the most enemies first. Once this quest is complete
    you will unlock the next quest and a new plant; the Rocknut.

    Ghouls Hate My Grains

    If you thought the second mission was intense, the action really ramps
    up in the third. This time around you must survive not one, but two
    Zombie attacks not to mention your enemies have smartened up and will
    now be attacking from all 5 lanes.You will also
    have access to two new plants, the Rocknut which you gained from
    completing the last mission, and Strangler Vines, which will come into
    play later in the mission.

    When play begins you will notice that square 3E is highlighted as well
    as the Rocknut on your Plant Bar. Ignore this for now and instead use
    your first Solar Power to purchase a Sunflower which should be placed
    on 1A. With your next 10 Solar Power place another Sunflower on 3A. At
    this point your first enemy; a Ghoul should have spawned at the end of
    lane 3.  

    Now it’s time to bust out the Rocknut by placing it on 3E to
    block the oncoming Ghoul. Now place another Sunflower 5A followed by a
    Spitter on 3D to wipe out the Ghoul trapped behind the Rocknut. After
    this you should continue to plant Sunflowers on 2A and 4A then move on
    and plant a Freezya on 3C.

    At this point in the mission your field should look like this:

    style="width: 600px; height: 343px;" alt=""

    From here your main goal will be to fill lane B with
    Sunflowers, C with Freezya, and D with Spitters. Remember while
    it’s easy to become involved in planting do not forget to
    collect Solar Power as it drops or you will find yourself in a very
    sticky situation. Planting these Sunflowers and Freezyas will not be
    your only focus as Zombies and Ghouls will continue to spawn.

    If you are making good time and picking up Solar Power as you should be
    you should have at least two Sunflowers planted before the next Zombie
    spawn. Plant a Spitter in the row the Zombie appears in at which point
    you will discover that a Ghoul has decided to make an appearance.

    Delay the Ghoul by dropping a Rocknut in his path and rest on your
    laurels for a bit while building up some Solar Power. As soon as you
    have collected 20 Solar Power place a Spitter in the lane the Ghoul
    mentioned previously spawned in. Now plant another Sunflower then a
    Freezya in the same lane where the Ghoul appeared, then another Spitter
    in row D. With all 5 lanes now having a method of attack you can finish
    planting the Sunflowers and Freezyas without much distraction.

    With the first Massive Wave pending, use any remaining time to place
    Rocknuts in row G.

    Your field at this point should look much like this:

    style="width: 600px; height: 343px;" alt=""

    Continue to fill out the 5 squares in row G with Rocknuts, and you will
    hopefully easily defeat the first Massive Wave, if any Rocknuts are
    destroyed replace them as soon as possible. Once this wave is defeated
    a zombie will drop a bag on the field. Click the bag to unlock your
    newest ally; the Strangler Vine.

    Before the final, final wave you will be focusing on the continued
    building of your defense. Replace any Rocknuts that are destroyed and
    with any remaining Solar Power set about filling rows E and F with
    Spitters and row H with Strangler Vines.

    When the final wave is nearly ready to begin your field should look
    something like this:

    style="width: 600px; height: 343px;" alt=""

    As the final wave begins you will get your first glimpse of the
    Abberation. If this enemy appears in a lane where you do not have a
    Strangler Vine planted be sure to get one there as soon as possible.
    Besides this all your Solar Power at this point should be spent
    replacing the Rocknuts at the end of the lanes, and replacing any
    Stranger Vines that have been wiped out by the invading Undead.

    Survive this wave to complete the quest and unlock your final and
    arguably most fun plant; the Pumpkin Bomb.

    Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb

    While not the last quest, Setup the Pumpkin Bomb can easily be
    considered the most difficult. Invaders in this mission will spawn
    quickly, randomly, and in larger numbers than you have seen previously.
    This means you will need to have lightning fast reactions to spawning
    enemies and be prepared for almost anything.

    To begin you should strive to have your field look much like it did in
    the previous quest:

    style="width: 600px; height: 343px;" alt=""

    Ideally you should have this design completed by the time the first
    Massive Wave spawns, if not then chances are high that you will fail.

    During the first wave you will find yourself at the mercy of Zombies,
    Ghouls, and Aberrations that will spawn and attack from every lane. Use
    a combination of Rocknuts, Strangler Vines, and Pumpkin Bombs to defeat
    them. If you find the Pumpkin Bombs and Strangler Vines are on cool
    down don’t sit around waiting! Place Spitters in row E
    whenever this happens.

    Plant loss is inevitable, so keep your cool and keep pressing on
    replacing plants as they are destroyed. Losing a full row of defenses
    during the first Massive Wave is to be expected, don’t assume
    this will result in a complete and total fail. If enemies cluster up,
    don’t be afraid to drop a Pumpkin Bomb to quickly and
    effectively take them out.

    If you manage to survive to the second wave, your defenses will without
    a doubt be in shambles. Your first concern is to be sure you have two
    complete columns of Sunflowers, and focus the rest of your Solar Power
    on Rocknuts and Pumpkin Bombs until it’s time for the final

    In the second and final wave you will meet your very first
    Abominations, three of which will spawn almost immediately. Remember,
    Abominations are immune to Strangler Vines so don’t waste
    Solar Power on these plants. The best strategy to take out these tanks
    is to place Rocknuts in their paths and then use a Pumpkin Bomb when
    you have enough Solar Power available, placing them on squares that
    will do damage to as many enemies as possible. Since Abominations have
    so much health it will take 2 to 3 Pumpkin Bombs to take them out.

    This wave is intense, so there is a good chance that a rogue Ghoul or
    Aberration will make it’s way past your defenses.
    Don’t be afraid to save some Solar Power and allow your
    Fertilize-o-Tron to take care of business if one remains in that row,
    instead stay focused on taking out the Abominations. If there is no
    defense left in the lane drop Strangler Vines to stop the enemy before
    they reach the house.

    Don’t be surprised if you need to repeat this mission several
    times to complete it. When you do complete it, chances are it will be
    just barely and you should give yourself a much deserved pat on the
    back.You truly are a Zombie killing machine.

    Lawn of the Dead

    If you managed to keep your sanity in tact after the last phase know
    that you are in the home stretch with only one quest between you and
    your awesome Sunflower companion. In Lawn of the Dead you and your
    plant allies will be pitted against the vile Warden Stillwater. As in
    the last quest the enemies will come quickly, randomly, and in large
    numbers leaving you little time to build and even less time to

    Since this is the final stage (much like the rules in a scary movie
    trilogy) the rules that applied in the previous quests DO NOT apply
    here. Enemies and Allies alike no longer stick to just one lane,
    instead you will find your attackers prancing happily across the field
    as they please and your plants attacking enemies across lanes. Another
    change in this mission is the disappearance of the Progress Meter. This
    space will only be filled once Warden Stillwater makes his grand
    entrance and where the Progress Meter once was will be filled with his
    rather large health bar.

    alt="" src="">

    Before the Warden joins the fight you should focus on creating at least
    one column of Sunflowers and one column of Spitters. Make good use of
    Rocknuts to be able to complete these columns before it’s too

    Your field should at a minimum look something like this by the time the
    Warden arrives(with some possible Rocknuts as well:

    style="width: 600px; height: 343px;" alt=""

    The Warden is not a stealthy fellow and will announce his arrival by
    yelling “Enough fooling around. It’s time for some
    hands-on management!”. You will also receive a warning
    instructing you to slay the Warden before you become overwhelmed via
    the text on your screen.

    Now it’s crunch time. Fill column B with Sunflowers and
    column C with Sunflowers as quickly as you can, using Rocknuts and
    Strangler Vines to delay the clusters while you continue to build your
    defensive line. Keep in mind that this final stage will require a lot
    of maintenance on your part. From time to time the Warden will prove
    to be an even bigger pain in the ass than you had previously thought
    and will shout “Enough of your pesky pea-shooters. Let them
    shoot at this!” and then will proceed to toss Fertilizer onto
    your plants. After 30 seconds any plant with Fertilizer on it will
    wither and die. Replace these plants as soon as you have collected
    enough Solar Power to do so.

    Each time one of your plants is destroyed by the Warden’s
    Fertilizer a green globe will appear on the field. Collect the globe to
    gain a buff which increases the drop cycle of Solar Power by 100% for
    15 seconds. During this boost place a Strangler Vine and Pumpkin Bomb
    on large clusters of attacking enemies and repair any holes in your

    If the Fertilizer wasn’t enough, Warden Stillwater will also
    erect his own defenses in the form of floating Obelisks on row G. Plant
    Strangler Vines next to them to clear them quickly out of the way. For
    the rest of the battle you will need to rotate between placing Pumpkin
    Bombs to do damage to Warden Stillwater, repairing holes in your
    defense, and dropping Rocknuts to keep any other invading enemies at

    If you manage to survive long enough to take Warden Stillwater down,
    the Warden will yell “What? No! This
    lawn…was…mine…” and you may
    begin your post Zombie invasion celebration.

    Speak to Brazie to complete the quest and claim your rewards!

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    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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