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Three Barrel Cove
is a mid - low level pirate town reached by travelling from House
Deneith.  First travel to the far north east portion of the
house's ground, and at the bottom of the stairs located near the houses
docks, you will find Evi Joss.  Evi will bring you to Three Barrel
cove after speaking with you.

Three Barrel cove is a fun area, with some fairly easy outdoor areas, a
tropical appearance (it seems to be a volcanic island), and 6 different
quests to be done, some low level, and one of mid level
difficulty.  The encounters are mainly humans, though you can also
meet hobgoblins, ogres and a troglodytes.  Of note are the humans
you may fight here.  While you will never find a more wretched
hive of scum and villainy, and you must be cautious, the pirates and
man at arms here are not evil, so weapons and spells that affect evil
will not affect them in the regular manner.

The first place you arrive at in Three Barrel cove will be the Salty
Wench Tavern.  Whenever you should wish to return to Stormreach,
simply speak to Evi Joss, who is in the corner of the tavern, and you
can return.  The Salty Wench Tavern has a priest to bind at, and
all the usual amenities.

href=""> alt="Angry, Angry, Ogres"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 186px;" align="left">The
area is broken down into 4 areas.

One is the docks.  The is located around you immedeatly upon
leaving the Salty Wench.  There is one quest here, The Sea Witch,
located by the large ship to your left.

If you take a right and go north and then east, you will reach "the
Shacks".  "The shacks" is simply a mazelike cluster of buildings
surrounding the dock area.  Here you meet several
encounters.  These encounters are simple enough, but you
style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1"> href=""> alt="Three Barrel Cove Map"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 282px;" align="right"> style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1"> should use caution not to meet
deal with them one at a time... several are quite close to each
other.  Immedeatly upon reaching this area you will Rosie the
Jinx, near an elevator.  She provides access to the most difficult
quest of Three Barrel Cove, href="">The
Scoundrel's Run.  The remaining area of the shacks is occupied
with outdoor encounters, but Red Tom (see below) is found here, and he
can give you two quests.

The third area of this zone is Garl's Falls.  If you travel north
and, upon clearing the shacks, head north west, you will pass along a
narrow ravine lined with palm trees.  At the top of this ravine is
a waterfall and pool.  Be careful here, there is a group of
troglodytes.  Beyond the trog's is an entrance to Garl the Grey's
crypt, the quest entrance from both The Troglodyte's Get and "Old Grey
Garl".   You can aquire these quests by speaking to Red Tom,
who is found by returning down the ravine, and keeping right once you
enter the shacks.  There are two (slightly) dangerous men at arms
very near Tom, who will certainly notice you if you speak with him.

href=""> alt="The Majestic Sea Witch"
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The final area of Three
Barrel Cove is the lava slope.  If you head north east from the
ravine leading to Garl's Falls, you will find a large slope covered in
part with volcanic ash. 
size="-1">There are two encounters here, one being a group of ogres
(ne side, past two lava pools) and the looter camp (nw side, below the
lava pools).  Both have ogres, but are not overly
challenging.  Do not enter the lava.. style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1">it is deep enough to kill you,
even with fire resistance, in a few seconds.  On the slope below
both these encounters is Idas the Minotaur.  Idas is the last
remaining member of a tribe of peaceful minotaurs who lived in the fire
caves.  Idas will give you both " href="">The
Stones Run Red" and the " href="">Brood
of Flame" quests.  The entrance to the fire caves, the
location of both these quests, is above the lava pools by the ogre camp.

Below are listed the encounters found in Three Barrel Cove:

Pirate Scum (4 cr 2 human pirates)

Ruffians (1 cr 3 ogre, 3 cr 2 human pirates)

Bugbear Ambush (3 cr 2 bugbears, 1 cr 5 bugbear assassin)

Scurvy Buccaneers (4 cr 2 human pirates)

Skulking Bravos (2 Cr 4 human man at arms)

Lurking Troglodytes

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016