Empire Fans here's your start!

Today we've thrown up our own location page for the newly announced starting zone of Nordland. In this zone new players of the Empire will be pitted against the marauding forces of Chaos in a battle for survival. Here's a quick snippet:

As the “newb” zone for the Empire there is a lot of things going on in Nordland. Hampered by the continual raids of Chaos forces, the men of this northern Empire settlement are constantly on guard and likely the players will have to be as well. While unlike many other zones in WAR there aren’t too many factions aside from the standard battle going on in the zone; Chaos & Empire. This place is a simple starting zone for Empire soldiers and will likely test their mettle against what will no doubt not be their last encounter against the forces of Tzeentch.

You can read all about Nordland by Clicking Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016