Zul'Aman Guide - Jan'alai Encounter
Our Zul'Aman guide has received another update, completing the information we have on the 4 Loas! Jan'alai, being the Dragonhawk Loa, has a few different mechanics compared to all the other fights so far, including timebombs and Hatchers that should ideally spawn some Dragonhawks on your raid!

Summon Amani'shi Hatcher: Every 90 seconds, Jan'alai will summon two Amani'shi Hatchers who will go and open Amani Dragonhawk eggs. Ideally, you will want to let them spawn a few of them each time so that you have to deal with less of them at 35%, but not too many so you get overrun by Dragonhawks early on

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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