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2.4 - Boss 4- High Priestess Mar'li

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2.8 - Boss 8- Hakkar

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Boss 1- High Priestess Jeklik

Jeklik is the first boss located in the Zul Gurrub Instance. Her aspect is that of the "bat" and her area is easily found as it is surrounded by various different bat mobs.

Mobs Surrounding Jeklik

There are two types of special mobs that surround the area around Jeklik. These two mobs are; elite bat riders and non-elite bats. The bats can be AoE'd to death rather quickly (or tamed if hunters wish to tame one), however the riders are a different matter entirely.

The Bat Rider mobs deal about 1000 damage per hit, but they can be tanked easily enough. The part of note with these mobs is that, at any point past 50% they will begin to "flare up" (fire around the wings of the mobs) and explode for serious damage (about 5k) to anyone who is in range. Before the bat Rider explodes he wll send an "emote" (a verbal warning) in addition to the "flare up". It is essential to back off when a bat rider is going to explode. The bat rider freezes, and doesn't attack or anything, after the emote, and you have just enough time to get out of the damage radius. It's easier if you run sideways (strafe) away from them, as turning around and then running often takes too long.

Jeklik's Abilities

Jeklik has several abilities that she uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Bat Summon: For the first phase of the fight (bat form), Jeklik will summon swarms of bats to her aid. A mage needs to pull these mobs off Jeklik ASAP and begin AoE'ing them. As of Patch 1.12 the bats will no longer explode like the earlier MOBS.

Healing: At 50% Jeklik transforms back into troll form and starts to heal herself. Her heal will restore 50% health, so it MUST be interrupted by any means possible (kicks, shield bashes, etc, etc).

Screech: Jeklik will unleash a sonic screech attack that does fair damage (about 800) and will silence all those affected. Casters need to stay out of range from this attack or be unable to cast. This attack will only happen in Batform.

Bat Fire: Also at her 50% troll form, Jeklik will summon a bat rider to fly overhead and drop down fire bombs on the party. These bombs hit for about 1100hp and leave a 250 damage DOT. The fire will remain on the floor as the battle continues. If you remain in the fire or pass through it again, the DOT will continue to effect you. The bat that drops bombs is not targetable, so do not waste your time trying.


The main tank should grab agro from Jeklik and keep on her while the other members of the group drop DPS and heals as needed. Sometimes Jeklik will break agro and charge random members of the raid, so be sure to run to the main tank if you are targeted.

As with many of the bosses in Zul'Gurub many of Jekliks abilities rely on mana. For this reason if you can drain all of her mana and keep it down you will have a much easier fight. Many groups dedicate two Warlocks to draining duty on many of the bosses. While 2 warlocks are ideal combining mana drain, mana burn and viper sting (from warlocks, priests and hunters) is also a valid way to manage their mana.

Once the first batch of bats is spawned it is imperative to pull them away from the main tank (most likely a priest's heal will draw agro anyways). Once they are pulled away from the main tank, blast them to death with AoE's. You can also sit under the cliff with a few mages who can frost nova lock them, and burn them with typical AoE spells (blastwave, etc, etc).

Once Jeklik hits the 50% mark she will transform back into humanoid form. While in humanoid form you must keep her from using her heal ability. Rogue kicks, warior shield bashes, are all essential to keep her from regaining 50% health.

During this phase of the fight, the part should break apart and scatter to prevent mass damage from the fire bombs that get dropped at this phase in the fight. The bombs will remain on the ground after being dropped, so it is important to keep moving as well. It is best to have the main tank pull Jeklik away from the area where the bats land so that you are not dealing with the fire as well.

There are rumors that if you pull Jeklik all the way to the furthest wall for her starting point that she will be out of range to summon the bat adds, making the fight much easier. We have not confirmed this though.

With all this in mind, once Jeklik reaches the 50% mark it is simply a matter of DPS' to take the High Priestess down.

You can search for items that drop from Jeklik using the TenTonHammer Search engine here http://searchcgi.tentonhammer.com/queuer.exe?Query=Jeklik&GameType=wow&SourceType=item.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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