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Guild Wars 2 - Guide to Traveling in Tyria

Posted Mon, Aug 06, 2012 by jeffprime

guild wars 2 guide to traveling in tyria

Guild Wars 2 has a refreshing perspective to traveling throughout Tyria in that it becomes incredibly easy to move around the world once you've unlocked various travel points. I find this rewarding for two reasons. First, exploration provides tangible results by unlocking waypoints that you can instantly travel to from anywhere in the world. Second. you don't waste tons of time running from the far side of a zone to the opposite side to do a quest or take part in an event. I hate the slow traveling methods in most MMOs in that I want to spend my time heroically playing and not feeling like I'm playing Never-Ending Sprinting: The MMO!

Asura gates are the other side of the travel coin in Guild Wars 2. They are free to use and provide instantaneous transport to other asura gates. Most asura gates are found in the cities, with Lion's Arch having a particularly large number of gates, but can be found in the wilds. In appearance, they are circular gates that have a glowing purple circle in the center. Unlike waypoints, you don't have to rely upon discovering asura gates to use them. You can travel from Divinity's Reach to Lion's Arch without ever having stepped foot into the latter city before. Asura gates are also used to transport players into World-versus-World battles. You can find asura gates on your map as they're shown as a purple swirl.

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Second. you don't waste tons of time running from the far side of a zone to the opposite side to do a quest or take part in an event. I hate the slow traveling methods in most MMOs in that I want to spend my time heroically playing and not feeling like I'm playing Never-Ending Sprinting: The MMO!

And yet this is what destroys most MMOs. The feeling of size and scale NEEDS to be present. As soon as you make things easy to get between and kill travel time, you remove the aura of a world. It killed WoW since the world became barren due to LFG and flying mounts.

I disagree. The travel features are some of WoW's greatest advancements in the MMO field. Developers are the only people interested in "experiencing the scale of the game", because they've spent so much time designing it and they'd like people to see it from the time to time. The rank-and-file player, however, just wants to do fun stuff, and running from point A to point B for half an hour when you only have an hour in your schedule to play today is NOT fun or engaging, and it certainly doesn't create some warm fuzzy "aura" of scope. That argument is dev cool-aid, and it's time more devs realize that players are there to play, not to appreciate the flora and fauna along the cute little road you put between Boarsville and Outertropolis.

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