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Guild Wars and the Guild Wars Beyond update series is the prequel to Guild Wars 2. Full time development of Guild Wars has ended but updates in the form of Guild Wars Beyond continue. Below you'll find all of our coverage, guides, and other information in regards to the original Guild Wars and the ongoing series of updates in Guild Wars Beyond.

Our Nicholas the Traveler guide is updated weekly with detailed instructions on finding him and what he wants to collect.

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A Guide to the Battle Isles and PvP in Guild WarsThe Battle Isles is the location of most of the player vs. player action in Guild Wars. The Battle Isles contain all of the high level PvP arenas in addition to the challenge missions, Zaishen Menagrie, your Guild Hall, and the Great Temple of Balthazar. The Battle Isles is accessible to everyone with a Guild Wars account, although certain areas, like the Guild Hall, must be unlocked in order to gain access.
The War in Kryta Guide Looking for tips on farming War Supplies or how to unlock the dialogues? Don't ask local, check here for all the info you need on this GW: Beyond event.
Nicholas the Traveler Looking for Nicholas and what he's collecting this week? This is the guide for you.
Zaishen Challenge Quests

Zaishen quests are random daily quests for both PvP and PvE players that reward coins, experience, and title points. Our guide goes over all of the basics of the Zaishen Challenge Quests.


It is time to party in Guild Wars 2 with ArenaNet today as they release their new Living World update “Festival of the Found Winds”.
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Tue, May 20, 2014
Lee B.
Disposable Gear

Horizontal progression systems, when done correctly, offer MMO gamers better options on how to refine their characters over time that a steep power curve based on disposable itemization alone fails to accomplish. We take a look at how Guild Wars 2 helped pave the way for the horizontal progression revolution.

Features, Opinions
Mon, May 19, 2014

As the Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack announcements continue, ArenaNet have revealed their new PvP reward tracks, gear unification and more.

Fri, Mar 28, 2014
Lewis B

ArenaNet announces several more big changes for GW2’s feature patch with several account-bound changes, free trait resets, and the removal of armor repair costs.

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Fri, Mar 28, 2014

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