Who is Nicholas the Traveler?

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Nicholas the Traveler

Nicholas Sandford is an NPC who survived the Searing and travels throughout the world of Tyria along with his trusty companion Professor Yakkington. Now known simply as Nicholas the Traveler, each week he can be found in a new zone where he will exchange different items for a Gift of the Traveler.

Players may obtain a total of 5 Gifts of the Traveler per account each week. The gifts are placed directly into the player's inventory and can be double-clicked to open. Rewards vary from simple consumables to stacks of 5 Mysterious or Mercantile Summoning Stones, or even rare inscribable weapon skins. Rare miniatures (Gwen Doll, Mini Yakkington and Brown Rabbit) can also be found by opening gifts.

Each Monday starting at 8am PDT, Nicholas the Traveler moves to a new location and the search for him begins anew. Be sure to check back each week for a map of his current location which can be found below.

This Week

This week Nicholas can be found in Jahai Bluffs (Nightfall) collecting 5 Elonian Leather Squares.

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