Zaishen Challenge Quests

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Zaishen Challenge Quests can be obtained at the Great Temple of Balthazar in the Battle Isles

The Zaishen Order within the original Guild Wars timeline is a guild which honors the god Balthazar. As such, the order features prominently throughout the PvP centric Battle Isles which can be accessed by both Roleplaying and PvP only characters through the main in-game map.

In April of 2009, a new series of Zaishen Challenge Quests were added to the core game along with the 4th anniversary update. Changing daily, each quest type offers a certain reward based on a number of factors which will be described in more detail below. To gain the most benefits from the daily Zaishen quests, players will need to own all three of the main campaigns as well as the Eye of the North expansion as the quests rotate daily and can send players to zones within any previously released content.

To obtain the daily Zaishen quests, players must travel to the Great Temple of Balthazar, located at the heart of the Battle Isles. There, you will find a row of 3 signposts marked as quest starters. Completed quests can be turned in at the same location by speaking to Zehnchu who is located next to the signposts. Players may have no more than 3 of each type of Zaishen challenge quest in their journal at any given time, but quests do not need to be completed on the same day on which they are obtained, nor will they expire unless completed or manually abandoned by the player.

The three available types of challenge quest - Mission, Bounty and Combat - are outlined below.

Zaishen Mission (PvE Characters Only)

  • Objectives - Complete the listed quest, most often being a mission from Prophecies, Factions or Nightfall, or one of the main storyline quests from Eye of the North

  • Bonus - Two separate types of bonus may be offered for Mission quests. First, players can complete the bonus or master reward objectives for that particular mission or quest, and then players may also complete the mission in Hard Mode for additional rewards.

  • Rewards - Standard rewards are Zaishen Coins, Experience and Gold which scales depending on the difficulty setting and / or bonus objectives completed. Certain missions may also reward players a set amount of faction points which count towards the various title tracks within the game.

Zaishen Bounty (PvE Characters Only)

  • Objectives - Eliminate the listed Boss Mob. The bosses may be found within any zone within the game, including special areas such as the Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Urgoz’s Warren, and the Deep. Bosses may also be located within any of the Eye of the North dungeons including Slaver’s Exile.

  • Bonus - A higher reward can be obtained by defeating the boss in Hard Mode.

  • Rewards - Zaishen Coins, gold, experience and title points.

Zaishen Combat

  • Objectives - Zaishen Combat quests will send players into any of the available PvP mission types, and are completed upon winning a battle of the requested type. Unlike Mission and Bounty quests, Combat quests are repeatable.

  • Rewards - Zaishen Coins, experience, gold and Balthazar faction (certain quests such as Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry will grant faction based on the Kurzic / Luxon alliance of your current guild instead)

Zaishen Coins and Rewards

Zaishen Coins were introduced as a new form of currency along with the Zaishen Challenge Quests. Each type of quest rewards players a different number of Copper Coins which stack up to 250, and can be used to purchase Zaishen Copper Rewards. Coins can also be traded up for the next highest type. The breakdown of coin rates is as follows:

  • 50 Copper Zaishen Coins = 1 Silver Zaishen Coin
  • 10 Silver Zaishen Coins = 1 Gold Zaishen Coin

Each type of coin can be spent on different items. A complete list of rewards can be found below.

Zaishen Copper Rewards

Zaishen Copper Rewards

Zaishen Silver Rewards

Zaishen Silver Rewards

Zaishen Gold Rewards

Zaishen Gold Rewards

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