Core Gameplay in Guild Wars 2 - A Ten Ton Hammer Exclusive Community Interview

Guild Wars 2 Community Interview

As much as many of us here at Ten Ton Hammer enjoy getting the opportunity to speak with AreanNet about the development of Guild Wars 2, we also realize that our community members are equally curious to learn more details about the upcoming game. In fact, for our latest exclusive interview we gave our readers the opportunity to submit their Guild Wars 2 questions which we made sure to ask during our recent discussion with Game Designer Izzy Cartwright.

While certain aspects of the game remain under wraps for the time being, we presented as many of our readers’ questions as time would allow, with a few of our own thrown in for good measure. Will customizable party hats be the new guild capes? Will underwater gameplay alter the way our skills function in any way? Read on to find out the answers to these and many more questions in our exclusive community interview for Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 at Ten Ton Hammer

Question Submitted by Kitsunegirl: We know that you’ll be able to jump in Guild Wars 2, but will players also have the ability to toggle between running and walking?

Game Designer Izzy Cartwright: It’s something we definitely want but as you can see we have a lot of animation stuff in our game, and a lot of races and things like that. So it’s something that we want and are going to look at and evaluate, but I don’t think we’ve decided just yet whether we’re going to have it or not. Right now it’s not a priority since we’re trying to get combat going and so we’ll see where that ends up.

We definitely recognize that it’s something that everyone really wants to be able to do, but it really comes down to a question of what are we going to have the time to do.

Question Submitted by Fatemaster: Will Alliances make a return in Guild Wars 2?

Izzy: Our guild systems really haven’t been announced. We’ve mainly been focused on getting this demo out and really didn’t push to get certain things in for it. You probably saw we didn’t have parties turned on, because it’s really hard for anyone just jumping in to be checking all that stuff out.

We do recognize that it’s fun to do a lot of those things, especially since world vs. world PvP is a big part of our game. It’s something we’re going to have to evaluate when we get into that aspect of the game, and then we can decide how this works in Guild Wars 2. But we recognize that it was a fun aspect of Guild Wars and something that everyone likes, but it’s something we’re not really talking about so we don’t want to make any commitments one way or the other just yet.

Question Submitted by KM9K: Will customizable guild capes return in Guild Wars 2?

Izzy: I think capes were a really important part of Guild Wars 1. It was the most iconic piece, so I think whatever we do we’re going to have to capture that essence somewhere in Guild Wars 2. I’m not exactly sure if it’s going to be capes or if it’s going to be something else. Like I said it really hasn’t been our focus so it’s hard for me to even talk about it, but it’s definitely important to us to capture that essence and to make sure that, as a guild, you care about something visually.

I definitely think we’ll capture that essence one way or the other. Whether it’s capes or something else, I’m not too sure.

Ten Ton Hammer: Customizable party hats maybe?

Izzy: *laughs* It’ll definitely be hard for it to be something else I’m sure. Capes have a special place in our hearts just like they have for our fans. Like everything, we’re looking at and evaluating things to make sure that everything we do is the right thing for our game.

Question Submitted by Fatemaster: Are there going to be places where we can fall to our deaths? Or falling damage in general?

Izzy: You can! I mean, we’re pretty liberal about it. We know jumping is new and it’s fun to jump around the world and jump off of things, but if you jump off of something really tall you will die. But it would have to be something pretty tall.

Guild Wars 2 Community Interview

Question Submitted by Fatemaster: What will be the max party size in Guild Wars 2?

Izzy: 5 players is our maximum group size. It’s a little lower than in Guild Wars 1, and we did that for a bunch of different reasons. Mainly we really wanted to make it easier for groups to be put together. We don’t have dedicated healers or that kind of thing, so it’s a lot easier to just grab any combination of characters and throw them together.

There are a lot more things that every character can do, and there are lots of cross-profession combos and things like that. It gives a lot of different possibilities, and so our group size is a little smaller this time.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be parts of the game or content types that expand on that core group size at all?

Izzy: We’re still working on that so I’m not 100% sure. But there are things like world PvP where larger amounts of people can do things.

Question Submitted by Annatar: How many character slots do you expect to give to players per account? For example, you have 8 unique professions in the game, so do you plan on having that many character slots to allow players to experience each of those?

Izzy: Again, I’m not 100% sure, but I can’t imagine us not doing that type of thing. Our game has got a lot of potential for replayability. I made 3 or 4 different human characters, and they all had different stories. So I’m sure we’re going to do something along those lines. It’s definitely something we enjoyed doing in Guild Wars 1 and we enjoy people being able to have that freedom to create multiple characters.

Question Submitted by Annatar: With the underwater content, are our actions affected by the aquatic environment (water resistance’s effect on combat or certain spells being enhanced (water) or diminished (fire) etc.) or will it just be like using them on dry land?

Izzy: We’re still working out all the details, and that’s one of the big things that I’m working on right now that my team is really involved in. As such I can’t really talk about it a ton, because we’re still working out exactly how it’s all going to work out.

Ten Ton Hammer: Would you say that there’s a fair amount of underwater content in the game overall? I’d imagine certain areas like off the coast near Loin’s Arch would represent good reasons for there to be underwater content rather than being a random lake thrown in here or there.

Izzy: I think our philosophy is that if underwater play is super fun and interesting and we’re able to make it a powerful thing, then we’re going to have a bunch of it. All of those kinds of details are one of the big things we’re working on right now.

Question Submitted by KM9K: What happened to the Tengu? Will we see them in Guild Wars 2?

Izzy: I’m sure like all races and things in Guild Wars 2, 250 years is a lot of story and Jeff Grubb and those guys have probably done something with them, but I don’t know exactly what that might be.

Ten Ton Hammer: It may be too early to talk very in-depth about, but how will the server structure work for GW2? In the first game, due to instanced nature of the world it was easier to implement the idea of simply adding additional districts for a zone as more players logged on. How will you be approaching that in GW2 with the more open, persistent world?

Izzy: Well, with the persistent world, everybody can’t all go to Divinity’s Reach at the same time because it would just blow up. So it’s going to have to be divided in some way. I’m not really sure on the exact structure for that in terms of whether it will be servers or if it will be other things. We are going to have a server structure for our World vs. World things, so it’s probably going to be along those lines but we’re still working out the exact details.

It will be different than it was in Guild Wars 1 because you have to handle things a bit differently with a persistent world. But we do want to keep a lot of our main philosophies of a very contiguous community, so we’ll see how that’s handled.

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