Guild Wars 2 - An Exclusive Interview with Condemned

Posted Mon, May 07, 2012 by Sardu

To kick off our new Community Spotlight feature on GW2Hub, we didn’t want to just toss up any old thing up for our readers. No, we wanted to make a splash and let the larger gaming community know that we mean business when it comes to providing you with the best exclusive content possible each week. To that end, it’s my great pleasure to present you with the first installment of our interview series with Louden and Falconer of Condemned.

Having recently caused quite a stir with the announcement of their departure from SWTOR, Condemned has some major plans for Guild Wars 2. In the following interview we discuss multiple facets of this major player in competitive gaming, and what sets Condemned apart from the rest of the MMO herd.

Pack your dolyak and head over to to read Part 1 of our Exclusive Interview with Condemned!

Condemned is truly one of the elite guilds in the MMO Genre. Their 5v5 teams will surely be placing in the top 10 of the world. Also, It would be a good idea to roll on their server because that will guarantee success in world vs. world.

It's a game. Who cares about a bunch of people who get fulfilled via pixels accomplishments.

In the real world, no one cares about these guys and what they've done.

Says the guy who's on the MMO website reading an interview about an MMO guild by an MMO player. If playing MMOs is so dumb and pointless and no one cares about the achievements, then why are you here?

Oldest excuse in the book, and it's really getting old (and pitiful). Let me state this clearly: there is no "pride" to be had in being bad in an MMO - you are not automatically better in real life because of it. Similarly, being good in an MMO does not make you worse at other aspects of your life. You can get a world first kill and still have a college degree, a well paying job, good friends, etc etc.

It is a logical fallacy; a rationalization that bad players use to make themselves feel better. It's like getting beaten in chess, and saying "well I can kick your ass in tennis". IN THE REALM OF MMOs, this guild is obviously important. As an MMO player, you should respect them, as they are significant in a realm you are clearly a part of.

actually, i'd prefer to fight against them rather than ride their coat tails.

Yes, a truly elite PvE guild. On games that aren't competitive what so ever. They are not elite PvP guild, at least not yet. All of their accomplishments are PvE on bad games. They have yet to prove they can be elite or top players on a real game. I'm guessing ElvishPiper is just someone in their guild tooting their own horn.

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